1 year ago today

It was one year ago today Charlie passed away. Looking back on the past year, the forum is still going strong. Ange has done a great job making updates and honoring Charlie’s work.

In the past, Charlie was available to answer our questions on the forum. For me, this helped me develop as a coach. This forum has meant a great deal to me and I personally want to thank Ange for all her efforts in the past years.

Number Two, Kitkat, Pakewi, and the many others, thanks for your support on the forum in the past year. You have shared many stories of your time spent with Charlie and your experiences coaching. It has been very beneficial and I do hope you continue to share more. Although no one can replace Charlie, its efforts like your own that help keep this forum strong. I come here to look for answers to issues I face as a coach. Thank you.

My thoughts are with Ange and James today, on what is not an easy thing to deal with. Keep them in your prayers that they continue to heal emotionally and make it through these hard times.

Charlie may have left us physically, but he is not forgotten.

So fast the time passes …how many things I’ve learned here in almost 10 years…Charlie won’t be forgotten for sure.

put it up better than I ever could.

What John said. Well Done ESTI

A year ago I was coaching long jump when my wife called me to tell me that CF had died. While I knew he was sick, it still came as a complete shock. This site is where I’ve learned more about coaching than anywhere else.