1 more time..the My Journal Contest

Hopefully we can keep this from going in the wrong direction.

In fairness to all those that actually do work hard to keep their training journals in good order here, we are doing this one more time.


The intention of this contest is to showcase the good work of the members that maintain journals here at CharlieFrancis.com. We ask that you make your decision wisely when casting your vote. You can do this by going into the MyJournal forum and reviewing its contents member by member.

What we dont want to see

No self indulgent posts will be allowed here.

Stick to the facts.

Winner to be chosen by the forum at large.

Whats up for grabs?

A cool prize pack from Charlie & Co.

Decided to go w/ Palmtag. I enjoy reading his journals, very detailed, and he’s a smart kid. Not very many kids his age would have the dedication and work ethic he has.

Was the last thread deleted?

I voted for Kras. :slight_smile:

Had to go with JoesDad, great journal…

whats abouts mister c?


For those that are just tuning in, we attempted to run a contest here before some of our members made it their personal bitching area. Without further delays…lets move on…

Why I picked Mr.Cool

  1. His journal shows progress and a certain dedication.

  2. Its certainly unique. Mr.Cool has a writing style that I find enjoyable to read.

This contest closes at the end of the month so cast your vote now if you havnt done so already.

EDIT: Deleted!! Fearing the almight hammer of Modlieness (I figure the mods get a +9 modifier against distance runners anyway :o )… It was probably a self indulgant post anyway.

guys i will spend the next 2weeks looking over all the journals and taking everything into consideration.detail,effort and dedication will be the winner for me.the very best of luck guys! :slight_smile:

i picked mister cs because its fairly detailed, its consistent, and i enjoy reading it.

Like rupert, I picked shumon’s jornal. He has a great way of writing things down. Content is good + its really nice to read

Its coming into the final push, anything can happen.

I like stef’s :slight_smile: the other lady who posts regularly in a journal!

I went with kras becuz of all the detail she puts in even her overall mood and I am able to relate to the frustration she documents.

I voted for myself. Only messing!

I don’t deserve to win this poll. I beleave Kras, deserves to win it.

Because it is organised, and is detailed. Very detailed training.

On the other side you have me, all though i do think my training journal is unique, and unpredictble, and most exciting.

And i don’t lie, if i write something, it has happened.

I don’t really want to win, this poll. Because i have already, won.

Thank you very much, who ever voted for me.

This is the only time, a gril will ever beat me, at anything.

ha ha ha

I love women

You have 5 days left…get some friends to read your journal, and vote.

Its the final lap…


Congrats Kras!

And the winner is…Krasnayafleur.

Congrats to Krasnayafleur for her outstanding work on her journal. Mr.Shumon takes second place/prize.

Both of you send me a private message with your personal info (first/last name…mailing address etc).

Thanks and good work everyone…


thanks to those who voted for me, and congrats also to shumon who has the most entertaining way of writing!