1 m.r.

This was mentioned in the Jack3d thread but I wanted to get more of an idea of who has used this and to what effect.
I got a free sample from GNC and I let it sit on my shelf for months.

The night before my first meet, a week ago, I only managed 4 hours of sleep. Nerves.
So I decided to take 3/4ths of my sample packet, as it looked pretty strong.

I felt great - instant energy - and ran a pretty good relay leg.
I’m pretty new to the whole supplements and stim game… anyone else have any positive or negative experiences with this stuff?

Tried it and it made me feel over stimulated/nauseous. I would go with EPIQ Power - got it at GNC and it has nice kick of energy and some good pump/endurance ingredients. I like the whole “no artificial colors” benefit too. 1MR leaves a nice chemical film of color in the shaker. Gross. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ryan Bailey and Samyr Laine both use it now, and I’m sure there are others.


Meh, I generally make my own stuff out of bulk powders i buy. I really only trust stuff that tells you exactly whats in it and how many mg. Non of the proprietary blend crap. Plus If you you look at the scientific papers on a supplement it generally tells you how much of a supplement is need to have a effect. Most of these supplement companies do not put enough mg of something to have the desired effect.

PLus I save a shit load of money. Stylee just buy some ltyrosine powder and caffeine pills. 2grams of tyrosine and 200 mg of caffeine will give you all the energy you need. THe emptier your stomach the better the absorbtion.