1-22 Saturday! Live Chat!

3:00PM Pacific Standard Time, I’ll be pitching tent in the live chat room, prepared to share the story of my first race.

I’m posting because I want YOU to join me there and put the really cool “Live Chat” function which Rupert & CF have lovingly created for us to good use! So come on down and share some stories around the warm glow of your moniter.

Doh! I ment sunday… Sunday 22nd…

Pitching tent!? Not sure many guys from here will want to be there!! :wink:

Too funny John.


When should we do this again, guys? I had fun with Andycheech and one of our b-ball players whose name I’ve forgotten. What’s a good subject anyway?

I think it’ll be better once the outdoor season starts officially, maybe every Sunday so people can talk about the meets that week or whatever else happened.

That’s a good idea. I’d be down for that.

This is why he gets the good grades, and I get the B- avg. :stuck_out_tongue: