08 Jamaica Oly Trials - Men's 100m heat 1 & 2

Poor rendering and video capture of Jamaican Oly Trials 100m Men’s heat 1 & 2:


I trust there is a better one available.

I know the time refelcts this anyway, but Bolt did a lot less work than Powell there. I’ve seen put less effort in in finals!!

Is it a bad thing that Powell decided to take it out really hard, or is he simply fresh enough and can handle 3 hard runs.

He said after that “its getting there” and he isnt 100% and obviously we know this because his 100% produced a 9.74 + a 0.90 last 10m. How hard do you think he should go out today in the semis? 9.90s maybe?

I don’t think it’s a bad thing no. There’d have to be a huge cock up for him not to qualify, so he can afford to use this as a training exercise, which three flat out runs will serve as for him. I was just merely making the observation we’ve seen him run quicker off less effort. I think he has plenty of time to get it right for Beijing based on where he is now though.

Based on what I see in terms of the rest of the field, it was prob a good thing to take it out a bit in heat one because he needs races and the conditions might change drastically from day one to day two and he can cruise in the semi if he feels any fatigue.

I agree. He and Bolt are so far ahead of the rest of the field that Asafa can afford to ease up if need be or run the final slightly fatigued yet still qualify.

who is in lane 8 of bolts heat? the placement of his back foot at the start is terrible!

we dont know what powel was working on…maybe it was just what he did…great first 60m…i think he looks great and will only get better…

Haha! I just saw that!

that’s the weirdest thing i’ve ever seen…

why would he do that? there must be a reason…

Perhaps because he might be an MVP guy?