08 Jamaica Men's 100m Semis & Finals



isnt asafa keeping his head down to like 50m now? lol

I just think Bolt looks so smooth. Very relaxed.

This is the women’s final


The Womens final was so great, Veronica Campbell came 4th, in her seasons best time of 10.88, that womens 4x100 relay is goin to be sick

Gonna be a good race off between JAM and USA, provided they can both get the stick round

yea thats true, it kinda sucks tho that V.Campbell won’t be there for the 100m individual, but the other girls just stepped up big time

I can only imagine a fully prepared VCB going head-to-head with Felix in the 200 - assuming they both make their respective teams.

According to PJ, the selection policy for Jamaica allows the third spot to be down to the selectors, so she may well go in the individual.

No disrespect to the other nations, but as far as 100m and 200m men and women go it looks like JA vs USA all the way

Can’t argue with that. We’re looking for guys like Atkins and Saidy to step up to make it interesting.

There was actually a case like this with Merlene Ottey, I think they gave her the spot over one of the girls, but this time around I dont know what happens, because I dont see any girl they would want to pull because they all ran fantastic

Exactly. Fraser and Simpson are MVP ladies so one might expect Francis to fight mighty hard for each - given he feels each is ready to go as well as in Kingston.

And as you alluded to, they ran 10.8x - no disrespect to Peta Gay-Dowdie.

yea I think this is the first time it has happened like this in Jamaica, cus I mean VCB ran her season best time. All I can say is that this new competitiveness within the JA athletes is great for JA track and field development

lol, how many times did Asafa look over at Bolt during that race?

They were staring at each other after 70m, lol why cant they just run the damn race from start to finish, at full effort and try to PB like how you should be doing in track in a FINAL race. Instead they stare down each other…

If Gay’s race (9.77) was impressive with a shocking acceleration phase, then UB & AP little chat during the race was phenomenal. Oh, BTW, didn’t you guys see Bolt reading a book while chatting with Powell during that race? :slight_smile:

If Bolt can “read a book” and still manage to run 9.8 wait till you see what he can do when he pulls out a burger during a race. :smiley:

1: They want to stay healthy.
2: Bolt had the 200 the next day
3: They want to be in one piece to get back on the circuit a bit sooner
The American don’t have this choice.

Ya looking at it this way it makes sense, especially for Bolt having the 200 today, and having to run it 2 rounds. I guess as long as they were sub 10 seconds, its good enough for now.

Which setup do you like better, the american setup where the comp is tough or the jamaican setup where the comp isnt that tough?