016 Olympics: What Rio doesn’t want the world to see


brazil treats black people worse than USA. THats saying something!
Id boycott that shit if I was a high profile athlete going.

What I find most notable is the fact that the bidding for Olympic sites, and subsequent deliberations, must not include much at all in terms of infrastructure/environmental investigation.

Recall the pollution issue in Beijing that didn’t seem to emerge on the news until after the bid was secured and construction under way.

In Rio, we didn’t hear about the water pollution until the infrastructure work had long since begun, and the water pollution issue seems to have magically disappeared since the Zika problem emerged.

As for racism, I have lived in 3 countries outside of the US and traveled to 15 countries so far and I have witnessed it all over the world. Such an atrocious quality of mankind.

I think the water is still an issue. A rower went down and got splashed with the water and got a rash, plus the dead body that just washed up on the beach

THe olympics is all about money, nothing less nothing more.