Who's saying is this: "Speed Kills"

Who’s the person that initially said this or made it popular?

You mean other than the road safety campaign??

It was a coach from a team sport. That’s all I can remember.

My old track coach from the 90s used to say it, and he was referring to the old Car safety campaign.

Though he might not have been the originator, I have always heard that quote attributed to Al Davis.

Thanks Pioneer! It’s for an article I’m writing called: 5 Reasons Track Coaches Make Great Trainers.

I believe this was a 1970’s/80’s US anti-drug advertising slogan.

Al “Just Win Baby” Davis

The legendary sprint coach Bud Winter was quoted as saying, “Speed Kills an endurance type sprinter”

Herb, when your done may I please have a copy of it? I’m now working for 2 professional hockey players (1 current, 1 former) and they admitted they hired me because of my track background

I will yes. It may be a while though. I’m working on about 10 different articles. I’m reading a book now on prioritizing though so maybe I should focus on just one. :slight_smile:

The gist of the article is that track coaches can’t hide behind fancy systems. Either they know what they’re doing, and the athletes times come down, or they’re bogus. They have an understanding of energy systems that goes down to the second (e.g., how an 8 second sprint is very different than a 15 second sprint) whereas a typical trainer only knows the systems in general. Track coaches know what it takes (volume and intensity wise, and recovery etc.,) to prepare the body to move at the highest possible velocity (hence “speed kills”) and can adapt that knowledge for various movements. And, a successful track coach understands long term development and long term periodization. Blah blah blah. :slight_smile:

sounds interesting. are we going to get a look at the finished article??

Once it’s done I’ll post a link. :slight_smile: