Which stopwatch brand ? (Durability, reliability)

Ultrak, Finis or Timex ? (Or anything else)
Looking to invest up to 50$ in a coach stopwatch and don’t want to get some flimsy stuff !
It needs to be able to get thrown around on the field a lot…

Is this OK ? 20 bucks


Not sure if this is the functionality you need, but I use a timex ironman triathlon WR 100. I can check on split times while it is still running, save individual sessions up to 100 total splits. It also has a timer and interval timer. I coach some good middle distance runners, and at a meet I can get all their splits for all their races on my watch, save them, then review them all at the end of the day to be recorded. I can delete the race splits I’m done with, and leave the races I want.

I don’t know if this is the exact model, but pretty close:

Nice !! But these are a little pricey… Let’s say I just want to be able to split up to a 400m sprint, say 100m sections or split EFE’s… The race ones with the 100 splits for the entire team are currently not needed :slight_smile:

Any nice handheld ones ?

EDIT … Hmmm… not so expensive on Amazon but they don’t ship overseas.

look what I just found in my drawer


I thought I lost it at the stadium years ago. Found it in a small box where I keep all my “electronics” junk that I break apart that might be useful.

It’s got a split timer and huge buttons :slight_smile:

I paid about $60 Canadian for mine. Ebay might have stuff too, but looks like your’re good. :slight_smile: