When software catches up - Timing Apps

Placed in this section as timing can be stated to be part pf training theory, also its all encompassing not just specific to sprints etc.


I and a few others on this forum have been privileged to get a heads up on this app and also be part of the beta test.

Myself had great success in using this against electronic timing and also against my freelap (which i still love BTW).

But this development in app software and use is truelly brilliant IMO.

Incidently if your not aware of Sten’s work in apps he has a few other applications that are applicable for the athletic training world. A favorite of mine is the sprint timer which incorporate a starter with reaction time by simply placing the phone on the blocks :slight_smile: great fun for kids and the adult kids too.

The only limitation at present is these are only available to Apple products (iphone/ipad) and not android.

Since Sten writes Apple specific software, I doubt this will ever be an Android program.

That’s too bad, because this appears to be a great program.

agreed, the biggest limitation is the ‘apple’ restriction, thank fully in my group the number of these products is huge, so as long as they have a version it can be used by linking any of them up.

I think the app itself is brilliant (of course this version doesnt record reaction time (shame) it is as close as your going to get to offical FAT

I have tried this app before, and didn’t really love it. I read this article on the update, however, and it sounds like a great improvement. Since you are involved, this is my suggestion on how it should work, so an individual with two iOS devices could train and time himself:

  1. You would hit a button on the iOS device #1, which was placed at the finish, telling it you are walking to the start line.
  2. You would get set up in your blocks or at the start, and then hit a button on your iOS device #2 saying you were ready at the start line.
  3. iOS device #2 next to the start would announce “on your mark”, “get set”, and “go” with a randomized amount of time between each phrase that was different each repetition. Either a programmable range, or between 1 and 3 seconds between phrases, randomized.
  4. iOS device #2’s announcement of “go” wirelessly triggers iOS device #1’s timer at the finish.
  5. iOS device has motion detection to take the photo finish as you get close to the finish.

Perhaps you can pass these suggestions on a-j, or tell me how I can pass this suggestion on?

Thanks for the comments, though I feel there may be some confusion.

The new addition to this app pretty much does everything you just requested.

It seems like you need a second person to operate the device that rests at the finish line, and I didn’t know it says or has a random timer between on your mark, get set, and go?

Yeah the start sender has varied delay.

And the second device (finish) can be started with motion sensor

Like a-j I’ve had an opportunity to test the sprintTimer upgrade from it’s inception. Among some of the various tests I ran was using 4 iOS devices (covering 120m) which, as a-j alluded to, can be setup with 3 remote devices in a motion sensing position. Fifteen of seventeen trials were completed successfully without incidence during the final beta version tests.

Since I operated these devices in an indoor fieldhouse all were configured for WiFi Internet access. Of course I had no problem when I setup two with cellular data switched on and WiFi off for acceleration work. It also worked quite well using a bluetooth speaker (@ 3-5m) for the automated start commands.


Were you able to manage all four devices on your own?

Yes. With the exception of two occasions, I performed the tests solo. I had planned to video record these sessions but didn’t have a spare tripod available for my camera!

Once the three sprintTimer devices were synchronized with the startSender device (self-start mode) and setup in motion sensing mode, I placed the latter unit at roughly the start location and pressed “Start Sound”. What I was most surprised of (with the final version) was having only to re-sync once on each 4-device trial day where I took on average two minutes between each test rep.

These of course were very controlled test facilities with little to no interruptions and stable WiFi access as well. I’ll be curious to see what results I get in two weeks working outdoors with uncontrolled space and in barely above freezing temps with limited Internet access options.


I too was able to synch several devises at once, all on motion activiation to capture the video and time etc.
I had no problems using 3G cellular conectivity outdoors

" I and a few others on this forum have been privileged to get a heads up on this app and also be part of the beta test."

It’s called Advertising for free AJ.

Angela, I understand and my apologies.

However, I would like to point out I have no benefit of any sales at all.

I have noticed when using these kinda apps there is a distint improvement in ‘arousal’ of the training group, as they try to hit targets under what appears to be ‘race’ pressure it has allowed me to work on aspects of technique that other wise I would not be able to.

Its like the UK soccer team (football but for those in the US) who fail when taking penalties due to not being able to replicate the pressure of a match etc.

At lower level of competition 11.0> these athletes work diligently trying different things in order to improve. knee drive… jamaican toe drag etc. by using more efficent timing analysis and video feedback we are able to give faster and more acurate feedback on improvement.

This is how I hope this thread to be directed, how do we increase the ability of our athletes to perform in practice so that ‘race’ is second nature etc

Please report your findings… would be good to know functionality in the different weather, especially cold and what to do with rain…as also where I live, 2-3 months just above or below freezing, 2-3 months periods of rain and hot summers…all outdoors.

Considering the costs of the iphone 5, and ipod touch, this could get expensive fast, especially with failing or ruined gear due to not being designed for such use…