Vitamin and Mineral Complex Guide

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There is value in separation for some but compliance is always a problem for all but the hardest core. Water soluble vits are best between meals and fat soluble with meals (fat). Also vit C is still extremely controversial so many years after Pauling. Gut tolerance is the limiting factor generally but I have heard of a case where a mega-dose C taking older guy went in hosp for other issues and was not given C for an extended period and got scurvy like symptoms. Cancer patients take truly MASSIVE doses of C before the gut tolerance becomes an issue- many times normal (10,000 to 20,000 mg/day!).
It’s sometimes hard to know what your getting in pills also. I spoke to a supplement jobber a few years ago about a popular anti-oxidant. He said the stuff costs 259,000USD per kilo wholesale, so: “They put 2 drops in a 55 gallon drum; spit on it, add sawdust and that’s what you get!”

Now what would have more benefit for an athlete a multivitamin or a greens food supplement, realistically you could get something conatained both but the price would quite high. In a multi you get the nutrients, with a greens you would get all the phytonutrients but also the nutrients. So what would be better?

Yikes… that’s exactly why I’m so sketchy on most of these supplement companies with all their fad products!! :eek:

Hi guys, interesting topic !

I was just looking around the stores for vitamins, I never used any and i don’t know a lot about it. Thx to this topic my interest got a boost so I’m up with a new task: get to know a lot about supplements (not neces use them).
When I was looking in the shop the other day, I saw a lot of supplements where ‘Ginseng’ was added. I know there are some ointments out there wich contain some Ginseng extracts…but it is also used in nutrition supplements ? Does anybody know more about this ? Is it good with the vitamins ? It was something like Ginseng + Vit E + l-glu