video links to warmup moves

hi all. age 48 male, never ran before, but trying to learn a bit. i downloaded cfts, and bought an earl fee book…

i’m having trouble visualizing the warm up moves…A’s and B’s…stuff like that. if anyone could post a link so i can see what these resources are talking about?

thanks for your indulgence. a wonderful site.

Please lok over the review of Workout Series One on the site store and see if that suits your purpose.

Hi Boathead
Do you have a background sport?
Charlie has directed you to a product that contains each of the drills demonstrated.
Let me know if this was helpful or if you have further questions.

As someone of a similar age I strongly recommend the GPP video. It covers all the basics of tempo, med ball, weights and an intro to speed in the early part of the season.

Particularly useful for us veterans who need to convert gently to sprinting.

As Angie says it is useful to know your background in sport. GPP covers it all.
I come from an endurance background so the tempo section teaches me how to develop sprinting specific endurance. I now know how to develop my relatively untrained upper body. If you have a background in gym fitness you will benefit from the advice on tempo running, etc etc.

thanks for the replies, folks. was hoping to see video links on the cheap, i.e. youtube, as i was just laid off at work, money is tight. when i can, i do intend to buy the GPP. but until then, i must get by with what i already have.

for the past 6 years, i’ve been an avid weight trainer, power lifting primarily. i’ve been having some fun trying to fit some running into my routines. it’s been quite the challenge. :slight_smile:

Ange… will you be representing Canada in beach volleyball at the Winter Olympics?:stuck_out_tongue:

Well I think my best game is in the kitchen and between the sheets of high thread count cotton ( or not).
As modest as I am, if either of those games were an Olympic sport my guess is podium for sure. ( notice I did’nt brag and say Gold).
But BV looks cool , just not my thing…too much clothing.

maybe getting laid off provides you with time for research and that can be a great thing right now.
I would not begin any power speed until you have a chance to take a look at someone who knows how to do it.
a couple of suggestions
read the CFTS at least once.
start going thru the site and I am sure a few members will be able to draw you towards a posts showing others doing power speed and their is constructive feedback to go along with this. ( See Stefanie’s posts as I think she posted drills but I am not sure if it is still up)
Most people Charlie and I see do drills at the track do them wrong routinely.
Maybe you get your self to a top level meet in your area and sniff out the highest level people and watch them.
was this helpful? Let me know if you have other questions.

Come on bro, the economy sucks but I still manage to purchase training tools. At least you know 99.99% of Charlie stuff will be worth the money. How bad do you want it? Are you willing to pay the price to get there? You only have one shot, so don’t waste time.

Aww I hate when you say this stuff, because I always feel like it’s me you’re talking about.

Next time I see you two muttering and gesturing while I’m doing my B-skips, I’ll wave! :wink:


very helpful, thanks. yes, i have plenty of time to research and take things slow. i definately have the interest, but know that rome wasn’t built in a day.

how to be, ummm, diplomatic…i’m in no hurry. what little income i have is best earmarked for food and water. there is plenty for me to learn with what i have already, this site and a few others. what i really need is it to stop snowing every other minute to clear off the high school track.

Hey T-Slow

Why don’t you come and introduce yourself and I doubt we are talking about you!

thanks for the note.


Why wait? Do some bike tempo, jumps, throws, weights, and short sprints in a hallway.

i’m not waiting. my true passion is weight training, and have been beasting that. been doing some light tempo runs when i can, weather permitting.

until the last storm (30") covered the track in another glacier, i was doing 1x per week, 5 x 60, easy pace, just to get the kinks out. have found it challenging to do even just that into the weight training…threw everything off.