Veronica Campbell Brown Training

Some interesting sled drills towards the end.

This was posted earlier.

this is the sort of stuff i copied 20 years ago. i was impressed by the warm up routine part way through, he was limbering up the lower limbs and she the upper limbs. From 48 to 1.00

Anyone happen to notice that super smart youtube advice in the comments?

“Nope. If you don’t squat, it’s virtually impossible to run much even under 11 seconds without pulling a muscle (unless your body is perfectly proportioned, which is really rare)…”

I got a kick out of it so I would figure I would share it

Youtube comments are so funny.

Yeah, there is some interesting stuff written by some interesting people. I kind of liked it when I was blissfully unaware that there was rampant stupidity in this world, then the internet cam along and opened my eyes. The Dave Chappelle skit hit the nail on the head.

The forward leaning lunge with sled reminds me of see drummond doing that up bleachers in the hsi videos.

Guys I talked to my old coach at msu, come to find out he was doin some phone consultations with her, I guess she wanted to train with him fulltime but she didnt like michigan weather (shocking).
It didnt really suprise me that he was doing that considering he was supposed to run in the boycotted 80 olympics (400). I think he did this last year or the year before.