usain bolt WC documentary

Dont know if this has been poosted. excellent watch


It is very cool to see the ins and outs of the biggest name in track today. He seems like a genuwine person, happy go lucky type. I thought the scene at the Champs where they almost didn’t let him in until he saw who it was! The gate guy must have felt pretty silly!

PJ and I had a discussion about their “lack of speed” work they seem to claim, but its clear those starts certainly were fast.

They were getting it out the blocks. Soooo much power.

The dude at the gate tried to save face by shaking his hand…too late your lame

Anyone know how I can watch this in the UK? It just says the uploader has not made it available in my country :frowning:

I could always use one of those proxy sites but I thought I’d check if it was available properly in the UK yet.

I’d send a email to the uploaded and see what he can do. If not proxy

or find a torrent with a 720 version :stuck_out_tongue:

Usain bolt - track and training:

When he’s doing his speed endurance runs you could hear his breathing…would anyone mimic him and breathe like that ‘blow out’ every 2nd stride?