USA Men's 4x100

No Powell - JD doing work coaching - we win gold tonight…

Based on what? This the same jam relay that set the wr. Think, and compare leg for leg us vs jam. Who has the fastest legs?

It’s our time and the line has too much value - dropping $1500… I’m waiting to see the final lineup before making final play.

I like JA’s handoffs better. I also don’t like subbing in too many legs, Bailey and Gay subbing vs. just Bolt in the easiest spot- anchor (although I think he runs the best corner in the world right now- I’d like him 3rd). It comes down to who can execute under pressure and I’d give the edge to JA. Regardless who wins I think we’re going to see a WR.

From a betting standpoint - i think usa has much better value at +450… I’ll be willing to bet $500 to win $2250 American dollars…

I also like Jam women not to medal in the 4x400…

1: usa
2: russia
3: uk
4: jam

Us should be a lock to win.

Clear your pm box

No value -1100+…

Reading vegas lines - good chance we see a WR in the 4x100…

Who do you have for the top 3 in the 4x1?

Why was the Canadian team DQ? The 3rd runner stepping out of his lane? I cannot find the reason on the official results.

That is what I am led to believe. The 3rd runner stepped on to line about 10-15 metres from final change over, have seen worse get away with it.

We won’t be gettig away with much until we are a little farther removed from 2010…

I think Ikh trained with John maybe he can share…

ok gay said he will not run anymore 200s because of the curve…so why put him on 3rd leg? Why was gatlin moved from anchor? Now I understand ryan cant run a curve but i think would’ve gave you much more on a straight. Leg for leg, no matter what places the us could’ve been placed at…they just would not have been able to win. But I think with gay on a straight and they couldve maybe ran 36.99999999999.

What does Jam run with asafa?

What puzzles me is the ‘double standards’. In the 100 (SF - I think) Asafa was totally out of his lane (not only ON the line - as the Canadian runner) … and the comment was: He did not ‘obstruct’ the athlete in the other lane. The same scenario in the relays - but yet a DQ? I am not Canadian - is sad about the highlight of a ‘medal’ and afterwards the tears of ‘no medal’.

See the exceptions below:

USATF 2010 Competition Rules
Rule 163 Section 5

Each competitor must keep in the lanes outside the line or curb marking the inside of the track, including the diversion from the track for the steeplechase water jump. In races run entirely in lanes, each competitor must keep in the allotted lane from start to finish. In races run partially in lanes, each competitor must keep in the allotted lane from the start to the marked cut-in points. Unless a material advantage has been gained, a competitor shall not be disqualified if he or she:
(a) is pushed or forced by another competitor to run out of the lane, or
(b) runs out of the lane on the straightaway, or
© runs outside of the outer lane line on the curve.
Excluding the above exceptions, the Referee shall disqualify a competitor if an Umpire reports that the competitor has run out of the lane.


Yea, I said somewhat of the same thing myself. Ryan B as anchor was a mistake.