Tyson Gay 9.79 +0.1m/s at Diamond League Brussels

1 GAY, Tyson USA 9.79 0.148
2 CARTER, Nesta JAM 9.85 PB 0.167
3 BLAKE, Yohan JAM 9.91 0.183
4 BAILEY, Daniel ANT 10.09 0.171
5 THOMPSON, Richard TRI 10.11 0.158
6 FORSYTHE, Mario JAM 10.12 0.193
7 KIMMONS, Trell USA 10.20 0.183
8 LEE, Dexter JAM 10.21 0.206
9 MBANDJOCK, Martial FRA 10.26 0.155

Here’s the vid:


Good run for Gay, great run for Carter. I’m excited to see how Blake will progress, he’s having a heck of a year…

Gay was impressive again, but even more so was Nesta Carter, 9.85 and leading for nearly 70m!

Jamaica 4x100 is now 9.89, 9.85, 9.72, 9.58!

WOW Carter will be a force next season, and Blake is looking so smooth and he still is so young, who know if 9.58 will hold up for very long :wink:

Gay looked more relaxed in this race.

thats low 9.7 if Gay gets a better start. How many more races is Gay scheduled for?

One for sure (in Zagreb) on 1st September.

So I guess Carter’s 9.86 from a few weeks back was not a 96m race :slight_smile: