Sounds good.
Some people could and do interprete what he says, re- repeatable speed as being able and fit to run a fast 200m or 300m or even 800m…
However, its far from that. Its been fast for 30m a dozen times.

Lots of bars n dumbbells shown, couldnt see much in the way of Machines!

Look for Charie’s comments on a soccer thread re: this guy…

Bob is a good guy and has gotten good results wherever he has been. His view is different from Charlie’s. I feel the soccer research has a limited view point and is very “inside the box” in terms of the research papers. It’s clear in game movement analysis papers sprints are done every few minutes with jogging to re-establish position. For whatever reason, in the US, repeat sprints with limited break is the method to improve speed. Make a few of the other soccer trainers on the forum can speak from the high level end of things.

I’ve never heard of him.
Therefore i can only speak on what i can see on this video - and this video looks fine. It’s only short - so only a snapshot. And the snapshot looks fine.

I’ve seen guys who can sprint Fast for 1 rep - but are wiped afterwards.
He doesn’t go into HOW to prevent this, but says, you need to fix this.

Talks about achieving proper sprint mechanics (doesn’t say HOW, just says you need it)

He says if you’re fit - you won’t get injured and can train more often

All of what he says - sounds very familiar

I know that guy in the middle of the video crossing up the whole team was nice. I had to repeat that a few times.

My thoughts :

I think what happens often is the information in team sports does not " need" to be great. I think training methodology in team sports often gets watered down so much so that not only are you not playing to individuals strengths and working on their weaknesses, coaches are missing how to model training because they have not known anything different.

I am at a loss to understand the role of distance running in soccer to get fit? The coaches read the first sentence of an internet blog that the average ( pro player not 12 or 13 year old boys not yet past puberty) soccer player runs 13 k or something like that. ( depending on your position) . It’s the analysis and how they interpret what running all this distance means that is seriously mistaken. ( well , if you want to develop speed and power to ones potential and not just coast on what each person has in their back pocket)

In a team setting it’s easy that the blame for not winning might be due to a variety of reasons. The coach, the system, the athlete , poor competition…The actual training methodology really never goes under too much scrutiny as it does when you have one coach and one athlete in individual sports. In the highest level of professional team sports you get pissing matches between owners ( who are business people first) , doctors ( who know the human body ( sort of) but nothing about training , the therapist ( who are so low on the totem pole no body cares what they think) and sometimes nothing ’ great’ can happen because you get all sorts of people not agreeing on anything. The end result? Well the opposite are coaches who go it alone and fund everything them selves.

I think if more people might understand the idea of speed reserve we would make some serious progress in team sports and speed and power coaching in general. That forces the question on how to achieve SR , then the question about speed development and the best ,most effective way to train for it and apply that info to the desired sport.

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