Thoughts on Charlie Francis and soccer

(I can’t understand the first line buddy)

To answer the 2nd part I go back to what I said previously…

The outcome of a soccer match is 70% determinable by the skill levels of the players involved.
Physical conditioning has an approximate 30% influence.

I felt in a way you were “criticizing” the European method of training, But Europe still have the top teams & far greater technical and tactical knowledge from the players & coaches. There could be an argument for South America having the technical and tactical knowledge, but the best teams as a whole are generally based in Europe to where the best coaches/players would most like to come.

I’ve never thought about it % wise.

I’ve just got images of Barcelona & there dominance in the Champions League this year in my head. They don’t have any “noticeably” fast players (I think Landan Donavon is quicker than any of them), athletically there good, but TECHNICALLY, & the dominance it produced, I would have them %'s more at 85% (Technical)-15% (Physical).

I was.

European soccer can improve in it’s physical preparation of soccer players.

I agree with you!

This is why I’m staking a case for “over complicating” the physical side.

The ball creates more velocity than any player could accomplish.

Yeah… But its speculation whether they would see big improvements.

This is getting tedious.
You’ve been, and are, looking for an argument.
(Metatarsals, 85% vs 70%, Technical, Tactical etc etc …) which I haven’t time to engage in.

How much do you know about Premiership, Serie A, Bundesliga soccer?

At the highest level it’s all about small differences and whether it’s 30% or 15% physical ability - if that can be optimized it’s worth millions at the end of the day in the sport of soccer.

That’s also ignoring the fundamental fact that all technical and tactical ability is expressed as a function of physiological wellbeing.

Soccer has incredible room (and many other sports) for improvement in - many domains.

I think your underestimating the physical programs already in place at the top clubs in Europe somewhat. Whether you have inside knowledge in what there programs include is very doubtful, so where left to speculate. Also consider, its not an exact science & never will be. Seeing guys like Darren Campbell, Jason Gardener, Mark Richardson etc playing footie, oh my… Great speed, mediocre technical ability didn’t result in a great performance. In fact there speed was nullified all game due to the defenders having great positional awareness.

I’m not sure what your knowledge is of the physical side of the game, but what I can assure you is, with that physical knowlwedge, at a lower league club such as in Premiership, Championship, MLS, Serie A, Bundesliga won’t suddenly see you challenging the superior top teams whom players have greater technical and tactical knowledge/awareness that is for sure.

A player can have great speed & power, if he has poor positional play hes not going to get very far. I’ve seen some of the fastest players on the planet in the MLS & that is where there going to remain.

Which all the top teams have already, which comes via success & training hard.

Your underestimating, or your going to over complicate, when all that is needed is the basics at the top level.

There is already great knowledge in Europe.

First of all your command of English is either poor, careless or it’s not your first language - (that second sentence makes no sense).

Secondly, you’ve obviously never coached at an elite level in soccer (with associated experience in other sports) or you’d know what I say is correct and you rely on media and rumour for information.

Thirdly, you are cursed with short myopia, look at what you see initially, make basic assumptions without insight, looking deeper behind the scenes, as is obvious from your comments.

Fourthly, you ignore what it is written and jump to conclusions, without fully understanding the background or reading replies - (… as is obvious from trying to idiotically bring sprinters like Campbell into the debate? What’s that got to do with it???)

Finally, I’ll say it again - and elaborate further for your benefit …

No elite team in soccer have optimal, and very few have near optimal, physiological training programs.

Your underestimating, AND your going to over complicate, when all that is needed is the basics at the top level.

EDIT My bad. I did initially read “psychological” not “physiological”. (Initial sentence deleted).

If you have the position of a S&C coach at a (lower league team, in a top league), You, portraying that great physical knowledge on the lower league side, is nullified immensely Vs the superior top teams whom players have the greater technical and tactical knowledge/awareness.

Your not correct. There is already great knowledge in place in Europe. I think your in denial to this fact.

Clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona and Inter Milan have literally millions of euros riding on results (not gambling but in prizemoney/ticketing/merchandise and the mere prestige of being considered the best club on the planet), hence they spend big, and I mean really ‘big’ on physical preparation, training facilities, best medical practices including research into injuries, etc.

To suggest they could do it better from the comfort of a far away track & field coaching position is a folly unless one is intimately involved in the European soccer scene.

I know AFL clubs (Australia) spend plenty sending its club’s conditioning staff to Europe during the off season to examine and study the practices & facilities of the world’s best soccer clubs.

These clubs are at the cutting edge of football conditioning.

USA and Australian soccer clubs are worlds away from what’s happening in Europe.

I’m an accomplished wing-back at an accomplished club.

Someone with Usain Bolts speed & power only have to give me a yard, looking in the wrong direction & me going the other way & Bolt ain’t gonna catch me from the 0-20m I made the run from, with him poorly positioned. There are so many instances in soccer where experience gains you 2 yards on any player with greater athleticism before any ball is kicked.

I would also like to add a few of the players last season in the premiership went away to Dallas in the off-season to the Michael Johnson Performance Center. Did they come back better players?. No.

That’s the typical and false assumption. Assuming that big clubs spend a lot of money so they must be the best… naive.

I’d suggest it’s folly to make assumptions without knowing anyones experience.

If you are telling me that AFL is behind soccer in terms of preparation and sends it’s coaches to learn from european soccer, you’re badly misinformed.

No idea what that is saying pal

If you went to join Stoke City in the premiership as the S&C with superior knowledge of physical preparation, you suddenly won’t see Stoke challenging Chelsea, Manchester Utd, Arsenal, Tottenham etc, for honours.

‘Due to your knowledge’.

There is no assumption.

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Inter Milan spend massive. Real Madrid, Barcelona and Inter Milan are among there best teams on the planet.

I assume you believe the “Michael Johnson Performance Center” provides optimal training?

Superior physical players won’t win anything in soccer.
Its a skill game.
In Italy I’m used to see every kind of bullshit in prep from top teams…you see players unable to squat past 1/4, and their " strength " work is 20kg barbell 1/4 squat supersetted with calf raises…they are getting better, but still, speed and strength are rarely abundant or decisive ina soccer field.
Plus, too many primadonnas even on the 6 th italian divison.
The " famous" Milan training ( MIlan Lab and so on) had players doing hurdles up and under a couple of years ago( demostrated and executed poorly usuallY), just some decades later than other sports…yes soccer is played year round, but so has gotten rugby, but players get bigger stronger faster each and every year.Why?Beacuse they are decisive traits of the sport.