The pursuit of speed

i’m going to give a quick re-cap of the happenings since i’ve posted last.

January 22-28 was a shaky week. I didn’t sprint or train my legs due to the CNS stress and injury I sustained the prior Thursday. Not the ideal end to unload and to start a new meso, but it’s over now. I did work on some easy starts, plenty of ab work and I lifted with my upper body. I wish I could have the entire week back, but those are the breaks

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Race (60M)

I placed 3rd out of 6 in my heat. Actually, 3rd and 4th were so close that it was impossible to tell. We’ll just say that I came in 3rd for clarity’s sake. Of course, no one thought timing the open 60 was a good idea, so I’m flying blind. This pisses me off, but I’m learning how to compete at all costs. Not having a time to worry about makes me focus on running my best and beating my opponents, not trying to outstretch a clock. The times will happen if I continue to focus on running my best and winning. Other than not being timed, the race went exactly as planned. I ran a smooth, crisp race without forcing anything. my groin did tighten up, so i sat out of the 200m.

Afterwards, I went to the gym. That went as follows.

Bench press off of lowered rack pins


The presses felt ok. I didn’t have a spot, so I did these instead of board presses.

clean and press

3x10 (95)

these felt good, a lot easier than when i did 3x8 with the same weight last year. that’s to be expected, because it’s light.



felt good

cable pullover

3x10 (90)

these felt good.

of course, i warmed up and cooled down. the race fatigued me more than i thought it would have, so i wasn’t as strong as i could have been. i stretched and did several hundred reps of abs at home.

i’ve gotta head to bed, so i’m going to finish catching up tomorrow