The long road back

Heh. I’m back. Trying to be back. I’m 0% motivated. Work is dragging me down. When I’m done with work I’m dead. Only time I could do weights is 7-8AM in a rush. I could do track at 6PM or so. I now live an hour and a half from the track. This makes things very difficult.

I think my definite retirement might be in the works. The situation unfortunately seems impossible to work out for now. I’ll give it a last try from tomorrow but I think it’s doomed to fail. I’ll be basically repeating the last plan I created, look way back to November 2004 in my journal.

I have done NOTHING since mid November 2005.

Don’t give up dude, just do your training and have fun.

Don’t worry about the results in meets, in fact if they are stressing you out I’d not run comps for a while.

I am just getting back into it as well and have a completely different attitude. Goals are to be fit, lean fairly strong and healthy. If I run a decent 200 great, if not, no big deal :slight_smile: