The Bear

I know most of you have used or heard of this machine:

The workout they mail you to follow when you make a purchase:

Wk 1:
fast jumps 1x30x80
angle jumps 2x30x90
angle squats 1x25x200

Wk 6:
fast jumps 1x40x130
angle jumps 2x35x140
angle squats 1x25x265

I love this machine, I’m sure I will get flamed.

52in step vertical.

Dear Powernetics,
I wanted to thank you for building the best leg workout device ever. It was all simple to me when I first got the Supercat. My first week I gained 2 inches, followed by 3 more inches for the rest of the month. Every week I would add 5 pounds, add 2 more reps and decrease my rest time by 5 seconds. It was COMMON SENSE to me, if every week I could jump squat, with more weight at a faster speed, than I was about to become an athlete. I started with a 14 inch “True Vert”, by true vert I mean no step max jump.
As a “student of the game” like Mark Jackson of the NBA would say I wanted to know of everything that has to do with basketball, and obviously with out athletism I couldnt do anythhing in sports because of my unnatural ability. I found some trainer named Marv Marinovich, whom I heard of because I heard Tyson Chandler a very athletic mobile NBA center mention him on NBA TV. Marv showed me about 5 or 6 different excercises that I could specifically target with the Supercat and use my bear feet with balance board while I would speed squat. My body literally changed.The Supercats regular excercises was where my my power would come from, while the balance boards on the Supercat(i.e what Marv Marinovich taught me, would make me much more agile, quick, with stronger feet and lengthened achilles tendon. Marv made training a science and you could understand why. Gary from Powernetics, kept it simple, saying “same speed,more weight” you will dominate. Easy stuff, he onc told me he could jump squat with 500 plus pounds. Easy to recognize why he had a step vert of 52 inches.
The hardest thing for me in the beginning with the Supercat was how fast I would get tired doing the excercises. My friends laughed hard when they saw the machine, but they don’t understand. Until my friend who knows himself to be a body builder, tried the Supercat. He can max squat tradional squat at 270lbs, while I can max squat 250 lbs on the supercat now after year(around 15 months, in May 2010. When we put the machine at 170 lbs angle jump squat, he only lasted 6 or 7 reps and could not go. I angle squat jumped 35 times and walked off not sweating. At that moment I said to him, "THIS IS WHY I CAN DUNK AND YOU"RE NOTHING BUT A BODY BUILDER. I’m an athlete, not a body builder. My body is different than his, I made my body made for speed, power, while my friend built his for strength. That’s the difference. My power came from 3 main categories.
Increase weight by 5 lbs a week. Reduce rest between sets until I got to about 20 seconds rest time between sets and depending on the week either increase sets or increase reps, depending on where in the program I am. Because this letter has been rather wrong. Lol. In a nutshell I can max jump 240 lbs on the angle and the same on the flat jump squat with 40 reps and 6 or 7 sets depending on what other excercises I am doing sets on each . That’s power.My true vert increased to a true no step vert of 33 inches and with a step 37 inches. I say simple so much, because adding weight and jumping at the same speed and eventually faster brought in me something that regular plyos, squatting does not do. Plyos are good but you can only get so athletic with them, that regular excerise can not. I have a six pack on my stomach because of the up and down jump squating and tradional squating and the core balance work. This is science and this is what Marv taught me along with Gary. Gary’s a good man, because he sees in athletes in what he saw in himself, and that’s saying something. He would talk to me on the phone. Why woud he need to do that as President and CEO , when he sells this equipment to half the NBA, and like half of NCAA and all other sports. That’s why I am passionate about this letter. Because at the end of the day I know, if I can angle and flat jump squat 380 plus lbs I will be up in the 40 inch range with a true vert, meaning with a run atleast 3 inches higher. If it’s good enough for Troy Polamalu, BJ Penn, and Tyson Chandler, and all the secret athlets in professional sports who dont tell you they use the machine then I’m cool with it. I was just someone who wanted to learn how to do things the right way. If I did not do some research, I would not have stumbled seeing your equipment. We had one at my high school, but never realized until my Junior year. Too bad our coach was an idiot, who had no idea about strength, power, vert training. He never used the machine. Anyways Powernetics, thanks for the best machine ever.
Sean Aonin
Los Angeles, CA


I like the “dominator” too. How can you go wrong:

The owner son:

How The Super Cat Helped Develop A 3-Step 52 inch Vertical
By Barney Fuller, Powernetics Founder

During four years of training on the Super Cat my son Gary developed a three-step 52 inch vertical jump. We have talked with coaches all across America concerning their athletes’ inability to get off the floor. The question they most frequently asked was, “How was he able to go so far beyond the average jumping ability of athletes?”

We find a general lack of development in vertical jump is stemming from low intensity training programs. I believe that there are two essential factors in vertical jump development: first, a high level of “power intensity exercise”, and second, the continuity of training over an extended period of time.

Gary’s training program lasted four years, and although he achieved a great vertical jump, we still believe there is more potential. The fact that Gary so drastically improved his jumping drew the attention of Dr. Sam Shalala of Houston, Texas. Dr. Shalala is an exercise physiologist who trains professional athletes to improve speed and vertical jump.

The understanding which has emerged at Powernetics relative to the Super Cat’s conditioning program is twofold.

First: Explosive exercises, when interacting with the appropriate power load, create the desired intensity, which in turn causes the muscle fibers to undergo transformation and adaptation in harmony with the nature of the force being applied. That is the reason we stress no coasting through the exercise, and a continual increase in the weight , over time, while maintaining the same explosive quality in the exercise.

Muscles remind me of an old mule. They will only respect what you demand of them. The more intense the demand the greater the response. When Gary would up the volume of repetitions and the weight load we saw an increase in his power level over time, and his vertical jump continued to climb.

Second: Great vertical jump development does not come overnight. When we are endeavoring to develop the full power potential of the athlete expect to work over fours years.

I am frequently asked where did Gary got his “genes” My response is, “as far as we can determine Gary is an average run of the mill athlete.” His sophomore year jumping ability was 18 inches. Up to that time he had refused to begin a consistent program on the Super Cat. We had a very serious conversation concerning his inability to jump, and what it would cost him down the road.

As a coach and a father of an athlete such as Gary, I wanted to see every kid develop and go on to be successful. We never know the size of an oak tree that resides inside the acorn. This also is true of our athletes, until they have experienced the quality of training necessary to tap and reveal the potential inside them.

Gary went beyond what I thought was possible for him. I believe his story can be told again and again in the lives of our athletes across the America if they receive the same training opportunity that he had.

I believe what we have tapped into with the Super Cat will produce the greatest jumpers in the world.

Are you being serious?

Gary says to avoid lactic acid but damn doing 40reps of jump squats will develop lactic acid.

Avoid Lactic Acid Build Up

One of the major problems with slow heavy squatting is the lactic acid build up that occurs in the cellular tissue and the negative effect that it has on athletic development. Slow squatting prolongs the contraction of the muscle. This traps the lactic acid in the cell until the muscle relaxes and the blood can flow in and supply the cell with the fresh food and oxygen.

I can’t speak for lactic avid from strength work, but I have used jump circuits that can take up to several minutes per set and have seen huge gains in vertical leaps. Improvements ranging from 3-6 inches over 8 weeks, and upwards of 8 inches over 12 weeks.

DUXX provided me with a link to UK seminar explaining potential physiological explanation behind this type of program but I am not able to view it.

I know a place to go where the guy has that machine.

Wk 1:
fast jumps 1x30x80
angle jumps 2x30x90
angle squats 1x25x200

Wk 6:
fast jumps 1x40x130
angle jumps 2x35x140
angle squats 1x25x265

does that mean: 1 set of 30 reps with 80 pounds? Sorry, im confused. Thanks

How much did your vertical improve?

1 set for 30reps at 80lbs. I haven’t used the machine since college but it did improve my vertical an starts. The college I am going to has 2 so I may find a place for them in pre-comp instead of db jump squats.

is that just one time per week? And only on weeks 1 and 6 or…

The program is done for 6 weeks M-W-F, I only posted the first and last weeks.

Kind of reminds me of jump stretch. Jump stretch squats and squat thrusts have definitely helped out my explosive power. Guy that invented the systems used to coach at my high school and he’s nutty.

Check him out:

You Ohio boys love those bands, King James went crazy on the squat thrust machine. The “Bear” is a Texas thang.

My place of work uses one of these. Bigger model though.

Not keen.

I believe Marv Marinovich uses these when training his clients. There’s lots of footage of Troy Palomalau and B.J. Penn on these things.

From the article I posted above.

“Marv Marinovich, whom I heard of because I heard Tyson Chandler a very athletic mobile NBA center mention him on NBA TV. If it’s good enough for Troy Polamalu, BJ Penn, and Tyson Chandler, and all the secret athlets in professional sports”.

did you describe elsewhere the jump circuits?

This is garbage. No way someone with a 14"vertical is now up to 37" vertical, no f-ing way. Also, never met a bodybuider with a max squat of 275, ever.

I think people throw around the term “BB” a lot; but yea, you’re right. For example, female body builders can BENCH 275, and the REAL male BB I have seen, say, in Milos Sarcev gym where I use to train (uhh, miss that gym) the dudes at least had five 45lbs plates on each side.