Thank You Charlie Francis

Every year around this time I find myself reviewing Charlie materials - especially the “GPP” video. It’s been over 2 years and Charlie impact on the sports training community has been deeply missed. Every opportunity I have I’m always letting other coaches know how bright Charlie was and sharing the knowledge he passed to all his forum members. How many coaches do you know are willing to share their knowledge and take time to answer questions daily? He spent countless hours answering questions from everyone on the forum no matter how basic they may have been - he gave us the opportunity to purchase great training resources. I had one opportunity to be around Charlie when he visited the Detroit Lions - everyone who knew Charlie had nothing but great things to say about him. As I review Charlie materials and old threads on the forum I consider myself lucky, he made a huge impact on my life as an athlete/coach. Charlie impact on my career can’t be explained - all I have to do is go back and review old workouts from 10years ago and it tells the story…

Having the opportunity to speak with other so called “high level” coaches - Charlie was decades ahead of any coach I had the opportunity to speak with……

BTW - this wasn’t planned at all, I was watching the “GPP” video this morning and started to think about the impact Charlie has made and will continue to have on my career…

A week hasn’t gone by in the past 10 years where I haven’t gone over Charlie’s stuff. In the past month alone I’ve gone over the Vancouver 2002 and 2004 seminars (which I attended), the Al Vermeil, Charlie Francis, Al Horrigan, Bishop Dolegiewicz video (which I also attended), Key Concepts Elite, Fundamentals 1 and 2, the Medball video, and the CF Presents Speed & Power video, and some of The Jane Project (and not too long ago the Peaking When it Counts 10 day taper video with Derek Hansen and Charlie). The GPP video is basically on repeat at all times in the background.

Every time I watch any of these videos I learn something. Perhaps it’s because I’m a slow learner, but I think they are so full and rich with great information that when I finally learn one concept, it opens up my mind to learn the next stage of Charlie’s system.

So yes, thank you Charlie, for leaving us with so much wisdom, knowledge, and insight. :slight_smile:

I still remember a friend of mine taking me to the library shelves, handing me Speed Trap and telling me I had to read it. I never returned it to the library (hefty fine, but worth it).

Ive always and will continue the spread the Francis Gospel. The knowledge ive gained from him has helped not only me, but many of my friends. The first thing that I ask any so called “coach” that i meet is what do you know about Charlie Francis. My judgment begins with that statement.

RB34, I’m glad you started this thread. I started to coach someone recently who has talent, but whose training is about five or six years behind schedule.

I own all of Charlie’s materials, and have read and re-read them countless times, watched video late at night dozens of times, each time absorbing a new tidbit that went unnoticed the previous time (as Herb so accurately noted).

Let me tell you, when I first was approached about coaching this prospect, my first instinct was fear- after reading Speed Trap, you can’t help but conclude that to properly coach a potential high level athlete is a massive commitment that demands most of your energy and time if you want to do it properly, and will likely not make you a single cent. Using Charlie’s guiding principles, as well as information from the famous KitKat lactate thread and loads of advice and hands on help from ESTI, Angela, and Waldemar, the athlete in question was able to make the 400m final at our Olympic trials after a ridiculously short 14 weeks of training! Yes- a national final off of 14 weeks. Ridiculous.

The incredible generosity that is at the core of Charlie’s philosophy was instrumental in our success- it is incredible the way CF members, as well as former athletes of CF’s such as Angela Issajenko freely help with wise advice. I’ll have to finish up the journal entry on this, but suffice it to say that results continue to astound both myself and my athlete on a daily basis. Charlie has made a massive impact on countless individuals, including loads that he never met and don’t even know his work.