Who Tat say Tebow wouldn’t be a first round pick. Who Tat? )

since everybody hates his mechanics. I think he has ever intangible plus a willingness to learn and change. Even if he turns into a career clip board guy, got to love his leadership. Great locker room guy. I am just glad that the Lions didn’t screw up for once. Very happy to see Suh and Best although the jury is out on Best being able to take an NFL pounding.

I still think it’s funny, guys like Tebow can get drafted in the first round and many black qb’s don’t even get a chance.

And so many white RB and WR not given any chance too.
Great for Tebow, he is a winner…not prototype pro qb?adapt your offence!

WEll the white wr get good chances. But how many good white RB are there. Gearheart and…

How many good black qb’s are there in the draft this year - None.

Black qb don’t get a chance…let’s see

Jason campbell
Vince young - talk about giving a chance, he and Leftwhich are Tebow part one.
Michael Vick

to a point. I see it in recruiting all the time. Look at U of M before RR. The last black QB’s to start Demetrius Brown and Michael Taylor in 1987. Last white WR to start, John Kolesar in like 1990. Last white DB to start, Brad Cochoran in 1984ish. Until mcGuffie, last white RB to start was Rob Lytle in 1977. There is plenty of bias on both sides which I find ignorant.

Don’t be an idiot. If you think Tebow is a first rd qb your smoking crack. Jarret Brown the kid from West Virginia is a better pure qb then Tebow but I’m sure he won’t get drafted until the 6rd. Armanti Edwards, Daryll Clark, and Thaddeus Lewis won’t even get opportunities to play qb. It’s about opportunities not about 1 or 2 rd picks.

I’m gonna be like the rest of you guys, there aren’t any good white rb’s or wr’s. Toby is a heavy footed rb and will be a bust if drafted in the first three rd’s. Jordan the wr from Texas, not even going there. There’s a reason why scouts don’t look for white wr’s/rb’s.

I was refuting your statement that black qb’s don’t get opportunities.

Where in my post does it say “I” think he’s a first round pick genius?

I do not think he is BUT Denver does. Vick, Jamarcus, Campbell and probably Young should not have been first rounders, at least they should not have been picked until late like Tebow and Campbell was.

They were all hyped except for Campbell, Gm’s bought into the hype and draft guys who shouldn’t be first rounders.

Give me a break!

mcnabb Great.

leftwich Proven qb, better then Tebow will ever be. He will ball out the first 6 games this yr for Pitt.

Jamarcus He’s not black. LOL

Jason campbell Good solid qb.

Vince young - Don’t understand the hate towards Vince, he was a better qb and athlete then Tebow coming out of college.

Michael Vick BEAST1

Are you from Mississippi?

Yeah and an Alabama football fan. And no I am not what you are alluding to.

Your on crack if you think that guy from west virginia is better than tim tebow. Tim tebow has destroyed every HS record in florida… Won state championships… Went to florida, won heisman 3x finalist nat champ. more and more records…

Or i guess you can continually attribute his success to everyone around him. I guess his ability to truck people, his 4.7 40 at 240 pounds his cannon arm, his incredibly low interception rate, his Coach cliaming he’s the best player hes ever seen… Tebow has been an absolute QB prodigy since his sophomore year of HS…

but im sure that guy from West VA is better. What do all of those scouts know? they’re just racist… give me a break

TG ran a faster 40 than most of the non-white RBs at the combine and historically as well. Fat lards like Lendale White get drafted early when they have minimal work ethic and were surrounded by greats.

Even if there was any merit in your argument (there isn’t), you are doing a very poor job at presenting it because Vince Young/JaMarcus Russell/and even Mike Vick are jokes at the QB position relative to the rest of the NFL. Just terrible QBs. Great athletes and ‘playmakers’ I suppose, but they are not great leaders or quarterbacks by any means and were all drafted significantly higher than Tebow with lesser accolades.

Leadership, are you in the locker room with these guys? Shit I’ll take Lendale White college/NFL production he had in 2009 when he got more carries. Like I said keep hoping for the next “great white hope”. Remember everyone can’t be a workout freak like you, guys like Lendale are fat asses but can still ball.

FOG, I thought Tebow was gonna be a third rd pick. :slight_smile:

lol I did believe that he wouldn’t go until the 2nd or 3rd round. I am surprised to say the least and I DO think it was a bad decision, but I don’t think it was based on him being white, considering people with just as awful mechanics and lesser accolades have been drafted earlier, while not being white.

Fogelson, I agree on everything you just wrote.
Vick is no prototype QB, but would have been foolish to overlook him just for that.
However, we’ll see…I’m a great Tebow fan since his first year at Florida…he’ll be a winner in the NFL too, provided he has some smart OC and HC around.
Scouts have their ideas, not always do the smartest move.

Can’t lead unless you play!! :wink:

Maybe the reason for a lack of good white running backs and receivers is the fact that whites are seldom given as much of a chance at that position on the football field and are told their whole life that they aren’t as good of an athlete. They are discouraged at every level that I’m aware of. My high school was probably the worst example I know of. I think it’s funny how much people attribute to nature and genetics yet ignore lifestyle. For example…I would agree with the assertion that on average, a high school age black male will be faster than a white counterpart. I do not, however, think it’s genetics. I think it’s lifestyle. It seems that nearly EVERY black male I knew in high school played a sport and was physically active. The white boys, on the other hand, were usually couch potatos who played no sports and went home to play video games every day.