FOG, I thought Tebow was gonna be a third rd pick. :slight_smile:

lol I did believe that he wouldn’t go until the 2nd or 3rd round. I am surprised to say the least and I DO think it was a bad decision, but I don’t think it was based on him being white, considering people with just as awful mechanics and lesser accolades have been drafted earlier, while not being white.

Fogelson, I agree on everything you just wrote.
Vick is no prototype QB, but would have been foolish to overlook him just for that.
However, we’ll see…I’m a great Tebow fan since his first year at Florida…he’ll be a winner in the NFL too, provided he has some smart OC and HC around.
Scouts have their ideas, not always do the smartest move.

Can’t lead unless you play!! :wink:

Maybe the reason for a lack of good white running backs and receivers is the fact that whites are seldom given as much of a chance at that position on the football field and are told their whole life that they aren’t as good of an athlete. They are discouraged at every level that I’m aware of. My high school was probably the worst example I know of. I think it’s funny how much people attribute to nature and genetics yet ignore lifestyle. For example…I would agree with the assertion that on average, a high school age black male will be faster than a white counterpart. I do not, however, think it’s genetics. I think it’s lifestyle. It seems that nearly EVERY black male I knew in high school played a sport and was physically active. The white boys, on the other hand, were usually couch potatos who played no sports and went home to play video games every day.

No its genetics. Read Charlie’s books. Not to say that there arent any fast whites. BUt blacks are generally faster. How many non blacks have broken 10flat…We are still waiting on that.

Really jokes? Vick changed the game. Defenses coaches had to scheme to stop him. Speed. and a hell of an arm. May not be the most accurate but its not like he was surrounded by playmaker receivers. Same with young. I dont even know why you mentioned russell in the same breath as vick and young.

Too funny, but the truth…

Neither of them have done a damn thing positive and, at best, were mediocre QBs who were athletic to make plays at times, but failed to lead their offenses–let alone their teams–at any point. I can name 5+ “white” QBs who were not drafted within the first round who have done more than either of them within the same era.

People have to adjust to Vick–that isn’t a testament to his abilities, but to his playing style. People have to adopt to everybody they play and he plays a very unorthodox style. Unorthodox =/= better or he would have something to show for it in his ratings or W/L.

Lendale White can’t break 12 and he was given a shot, even though he showed up to the combine fat and weak and was a back-up in college. TG has done as much or more than White ever did and wasn’t drafted in the first.

Toby will be backing up AD, he won’t get many touches but when he does his ass will get rocked. Great kid but just not enough shake and bake.

I can remember Keith Connor saying the only reason white is not as fast as black is the white don’t have the same motivation. A black guy is president things are changing.

On a different note, Mack Brown is a douche.

You TX boys think Colt is gonna make it in the league, do any better than Tebow? His ass couldn’t make it 5 plays against Bama before he got knocked outta the damn game.

There is some pretty heavy stuff being dropped on both sided of the race coin. It almost sounds like the hes balck so he is a better athlete, while the white guy is smarter. Takes me back to Johnson and Bird. Speed is great, but you still need to be tough. Plenty of Toby Gerharts have done well in NFL. Its a style, not a skin color issue. I do disagree about Young more than Vick. Young is a leader. He has had pretty good success in the league. Vick has too, but he isn’t much of a leader in the huddle. People rally around Young. The whole white receiver thing is stupid. Look over the years, Biletnekoff, Largent, McCaffrey, Chrebet, Welker. All damn good football players. If this is the way people continue to think, then we will see few black QB’s and less white RB’s and WR. I f**cking hate the racism. I played college ball at and don’t remember this much ignorance. I am just so sick of skin color being such an issue. I am sure when the NBA draft comes around, it will be Gordon Hayward is the next Larry Bird. No wonder this country is so divided.

Being in the Pacific Northwest, I was a huge Steve Largent fan. Technically superior to most, if not all, of his counterparts. And, he was faster than most gave him credit for.


Number 2, I loved Largent and Zorn. Hawks were one of my favorite yteams growing up

I had to go on-line to figure out what Largent has done since his playing years. I didn’t know he went into politics, and now heads up some cell phone/wireless organization.

I will take Jerry Rice over any Wr.

I hear you here. I am getting pretty fed up with how every white wide receiver gets compared to Wes Welker these days. Anytime announcers start talking about a white guy playing wide out, I turn to the person watching the game with me and say, “I bet they’ll compare him to Welker in the next few sentences.” Sure enough, the line gets drawn regardless of playing style, size, abilities, and the like.

The issue is probably very biased by scouts.
The league is full in his history of Ryan Leafs on one side, and of Priest Holmes on the other.