I studied tkd under the late ITF Grandmaster Jong Soo Park in Toronto for many years…


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Interesting the cross over between Patterns and Bouts. Often you see the guys with the most perfect movement & execution of patterns getting their asses getting kicked by far less accomplised technicans due to lack of aggression, toughness and fight savvy.

But what if you combined both??

That is the way it was for my roommate and I, he had better technique than I, but I was far more aggresive than he was. There werent that many in my class that could match it, I usually had to spar with the higher belts or the instructor (6th dan). Sometimes too aggressive, the first sparring match in a tourney I had points deducted for shots to the head and kicking while they were out of bounds. They say go, I go, till i hear the bell or stop.
For those that have done both M.A, and track… What gives you a better rush running you best time or winning a sparring match? I really can’t decided, slamming my foot into someones chest or flying by someone at top speed, hearing someone gasping for air as you smash into the them or hearing someone gasping for air at the end of the race because they werent as ready as you were, etc…

hard question Noshe…i like both PRing and winning matches :slight_smile: . You do have a point, it is a good feeling. I think the best feeling is a close match or race when you have to fight them hard for the entire time because you are neck and neck. No matter how i would do in those type of matches, those have the best feeling at the end.