Sub 12 100m again!

Hi there

Im 35 years old, 180, 6". Ended track 12 years ago. Started up again this summer. I own the CFTS
Did a speed session today.
2x30m 4.3
40m 5.7
50m 6.7
60m 8.0
80m 10.5
150m 20.8

Handtimed, first movement. Am I far from a sub 12 ?

PBs 7.25 and11.30

If your 60 is around 8.3 then you are probably somewhere between 12.5 and 12.8, I’d say…

you are very far from 11 sec. Maybe 12.5. Im a masters guy (41yo) running 11.6/11.8FAT and I had to work at it. I started at 12.63 FAT 4 years ago. I took about 3 years before I got break 12 consistently thats the bad news. The good news is if you are consistent and can manage to train with out getting injured you can get under 12 in a year even better is that you can improve after you break 12 if you train properly and consistently. I think I took me longer because I train by myself. I think if I were to hook up with some young guys to push me I think I can run 11 low. The main thing is to get in shape first that makes sprint training more tolerable. Take care of those old ass achillies you’re no spring chicken :slight_smile:

I’m the same age as the op. I have returned to training after a few years out of the game. my pb’s aren’t as good as his but this is the first time I have ever trained consistently without getting hamstring grief, so I’m hoping I can break into the 11’s by the end of the season. I suspect I am in 12.3 form at the moment, but I can’t be sure about that until my first race…

Impressive work youve done! Looking at my 150m time, Im not sure Ill break 13. The biggest improvements Ive made have come from loosing weight. I might go to a meet on tuesday Just to see Where Im at.

What times are you running in your workouts?

Nah… 7.5 is 12 I reconn

I don’t really time them. I’m just going by fitness and feel…

A little more info: I started sprinting at age 20 and did it for 3 years pretty seriously. I got chronic shin splints because I didnt have a good base and pushed to hard.
My first race just after a few workouts was 11.90. I was beating sub 11 runners in the 30m after 2 years, so I think I have the genes for it. But its been a while, and I realize that speed gets harder to develope the older I get. I like to workout, and theres something pure about sprinting that really gets me going. My biggest worry is injuries though. My left hamstring hurts a bit after speed sessions.

you might want to ease into it a bit more. try a lower volume of speed work, shorten the distances and lengthen the rest periods…

Might be a good idea. What do you do for speed?

I’ve been mainly working on top speed 25m flyes, but I’ve recently started on some 10-25m accels and 80m sprints…

50 min jog today

100 m race tuesday

Its been a while. How do I warmup?
Should I do something tomorrow,monday? Some blockwork?

That 50 min jog wont help your speed. I’d keep those of of your training. If your looking for cardio/recovery work search the forum for “tempo sessions”.

For monday, you could do some blocks just working on form though. just a few. Nothing all out. Get a decent warm up… Just a warm up. Nothing extra just get loose and warm. For race day try to time your warm up to where you wont get cold waiting around for your heat. Get some fast block starts in spikes as close as possible to your race.

Good luck!

Thanks, Ill try that!

Ive done tempo, but I really enjoy the slow jogs in the mountains

Yeah trail running in the mountains is very nice. Just dont train like a distance runner all the time. Are you in the US?

Nothern Norway. So its cold year round, but fantastic nature :slight_smile: New York?
Did a few block starts today. We will see tomorrow where its at.

100m 13.24 (-0.4w)

Had to run twice because of timing issues.Good workout. Im beat:)

Yes NYC. 13.24? You can get under 12.5 by next year…

wed: rest

thurs: weights
cleans 50kgx5
squats 70x3
incl bench 50x5
stiff deadl 55x10
more upperbody work and some plyo