Sth Af 4x4 splits?

On the first leg, best place to stop the clock to get the lead-off runner’s split is, as you rightly pointed out, when the baton (whomever is carrying it) crosses the green spotted line within the box.


02 September 2011 - 21:15
Position Lane Bib Team Country Mark .
1 5 United States
(Greg Nixon; Bershawn Jackson; Angelo Taylor; LaShawn Merritt) USA 2:59.31 .
2 8 South Africa
(Shane Victor; Ofentse Mogawane; Willem de Beer; L.J. van Zyl) RSA 2:59.87 .
3 4 Jamaica
(Allodin Fothergill; Jermaine Gonzales; Riker Hylton; Leford Green) JAM 3:00.10 .
4 3 Russia
(Maksim Dyldin; Konstantin Svechkar; Pavel Trenikhin; Denis Alekseyev) RUS 3:00.22 (SB)
5 6 Belgium
(Jonathan Borlée; Antoine Gillet; Nils Duerinck; Kévin Borlée) BEL 3:00.41 (SB)
6 7 Kenya
(Vincent Kiplangat Kosgei; Vincent Mumo Kiilu; Anderson Mureta Mutegi; Mark Kiprotich Mutai) KEN 3:01.15 .
7 1 Great Britain & N.I.
(Richard Strachan; Nigel Levine; Christopher Clarke; Martyn Rooney) GBR 3:01.16 .
8 2 Germany
(Jonas Plass; Kamghe Gaba; Miguel Rigau; Thomas Schneider) GER 3:01.37 .

I wonder why the US put in Jackson and Taylor to the squad. They ran slower while Merritt was made to run a couple seconds faster than in the heats.