Stawell Gift in Australia this weekend.


i must admit at this stage as a coach i will not allow my athletes to run in these races.
as you are penalised for exposing yourself to the handicappers each and everytime we race.
And then they go up against athletes whom pride themselves on cruising along just to improve the handicap for a chance for a decent win and payday…

why would you want to train without testing yourself and if your going to rae if its not at 100% why race at all…


nanny although i agree.
there is another way to look at it.
as in amatuer runner it provides great training and teaching us how to relax, and then as a bonus if we run down everyone atleast you get rewarded with money. so if you dont get invloved in the politics of it, it can be very good racing for the backmarkers if they give it a real crack, and are not worried about those who pride themselves on winniing off 10m.

yeah thats the one thing i agree on is learning to relax under pressure but you just get handicapped out of things look at the quality of runners ahead of you last weekend!!!

also take the womens for example the winner was off 14.5m. the winner averaged 7.4m/s, sally mcllelan of scr would have to average 8.4m/s over the 120 or i think close to an 11.80et on grass to win.

no offence to the winner either good luck to her $6,500 in the kitty

I remember I saw it some years ago on trans world sports…interesting…it is possible tosee the footage somewhere on the net_?
Is it true that some top notch league and union players (rugby) partecipated in the past?