Speed Reserve

Speed reserve comes from speed/power- not from any sort of endurance training. The reserve is really the difference between what you must do and what you could do. The bigger the differential, the easier it is to carry out a requirement.
Part of being a sucessfull S and C coach is improving capacity (work to the left of the game requirements on the power to endurance continuum)- not to simply mimic the output and timing of the game.

The flub was, he was a 260 pound wide out who at that size was not very effective. Many teams felt he was no longer a threat, due to his inability to run crisp routes, he had a more difficult time running deeper routes and gaining seperation from the DB’s. He became much more effective when he dropped down to 230, after his injury. He was crisper, got better seperation, and had an easier time running the deeper routes. AT 260, he was a good wideout, but not as good as 230, tht is where I feel the flub was, he was not optimal at his higher body weight.

not true at all. i’ve seen guys who fly (legit 4.3-4.4) and are the least coordinated and fluent when it comes to breaking off routes or catching footballs. then i’ve seen wide receivers who run consistent 4.55’s run some of the best and most precise routes i have ever seen. if this is true why weren’t/aren’t james jett, alvis whitted, john capel, etc making plays no one else can? they were hands down the fastest guys on the field, so why werent they exceptional? also, yes, boston had a down year but look at the play calling. tomlinson broke the rb record for catches with damn near 100. that offense was not built around d-bo like it should be… set up the pass with the run, not dump the ball off to the rb 1st and 2nd down then throw into double coverage on 3rd. i dont understand all the criticism on boston, in terms of working hard year round he’s at the top of the list. nutrition/training/recovery, come on how many other players in professional sports are as dedicated as him? 1 maybe 2%?

I concur. How many people in any profession are that dedicated?

Ok, ok, I guess I should have stated (what I thought was obvious…) “all other things being equal.”

Yes, if you don’t have the ability to perform the skills necessary for your position, all the speed in the world won’t help you. But if skill levels are equal, then speed wins every time. And speed can cover up a number of deficiencies, but only to a certain degree.

Boston is a unique individual.

The less euphemistic among us would call him a “genetic freak”! Excellent post. Boston is the possibly the top physical talent in the league (along with Michael Vick), but he is not close to an elite wide receiver right now.

If he’s smart, he’ll lose at least 15 pounds over the offseason. He has put his own wants and ego over the needs of his team. After the way San Diego played last year, compared to the way they expected to play having given big $ to Boston, the San Diego staff could insist on a change in Boston’s physicality.