Speed Camp Drills for high schoolers


I was curious if anyone could direct me in the right direction for drills to improve on linear speed. I currenty am using skip variations, arm technique, hip flexion, and etc. But I am looking to add a few more drills for my speed camps. Any info would greatly be appreciated


Why drills? Best thing you can do is teach them how to accelerate: wall drive, push up starts, hop starts, resisted partner pull/release, block starts. Range from 10-30m. Then, spend time on max velocity with some short fly sprints: 30m run-in and a 10m timed zone. Then, some speed endurance in the 40-60m range. Weight training would be good and/or explosive medball. Maybe some hurdle mobility drills. Plyometrics – bounding, hopping, skipping and box jumps. Hurdle hops. All of that would be better than a bunch of butt kicks, agility ladders and drills IMO. In short, I don’t think you can drill your way to speed. You get faster by sprinting fast, getting stronger, increasing overall fitness and improving technique. I’ve seen many “speed” camps and most don’t have much to do with speed at all. More like quickness and agility camps, which doesn’t have much application to linear track speed. Hope this helps.

i’m a high school student and i know that the track camps i’ve gotten the most out of are the ones who run us through demonstration workouts (to actually significantly improve speed within the length of most camps past mechanical changes is pretty much impossible) so that i had ideas on how to train for the rest of the year

i’m now a senior so its too late, but going into freshman year i wouldve loved to have a camp that taught me proper speed training workouts and how to gain strength properly for sprinting and periodization concepts and such as opposed to slowly learning on my own by combing the internet

Thanks for the responses.

I understand what it takes to improve upon sprint performance in accelerating and etc but, with our camps, we don’t have our athletes lift weights unless they sign a membership to train with us. Once they do sign up we will provide an assessment and an individualized program that contains corrective work, strength, plyo, EST, and etc. The speed camps are held directly outside at a local high school , so we are mainly showing them different drills and etc.

Does anyone do video analysis ?

Wish you were near where I live…