Southern Miss


Sucks ASS!

Mustard Buzzards!

Good guy Paul Jackson.

Who’s that?

You starting to work there?

Head strength coach.

Speaking of Southern Miss…their new jumps coach ripped it at nationals. Something like 21pts there for their women jumpers. I think 1 national champ, 1 silver medalist, 1 4th place and he didn’t even win asst of the year! A true shame.

I know one of the kids in that video really well.

Thankfully the coach understands the difference between speed training and conditioning…a rarity.

Tommie Moffit an Gayle Hatch tree.

Thanks for posting this. It is surprising to see how great athletes can have trouble with the stabilization jumps and even backwards lunging.


I had flash backs of the hatch system watching these guys train live. Hatch system still pumping out champs.