slow first 200m of season

Hey RB,

I’m going to start a journal, first entry being yesterday’s two sluggish races.

Damn - I suck at giving advice. :slight_smile:

It wasn’t that bad…I just had an atrocious drive phase in the 100m and I ran the 200m at about 98% effort nice and smooth. Still pretty bad in the last 30m though.

We can tell how your advice works later in July / August! :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL, after all it’s only advice - I’m not in Texas coaching you 1 on 1.

Well finally 3 years later I have finally broken 22 seconds @32 years old lol. Ran 21.86 on a slow track into a -.5 headwind and opened up with a 10.74 legal both PRs my fastest time was 10.74 with a 5.6w in 2003 lol. Still have yet to get in shape or lift any weights this season. Lets see how far I can go

Sweet - Nice work.
This is the start of Summer for you?

How interesting is that? Charlie always stated altitude and wind aids could create a neural pattern that would allow you to run that time (often exactly, as in your case) legally in the future. Amazing!

What a great story to run your PR at 32. How has your training evolved over the years? Why do you think you ran your PR’s this year as opposed to the past? Congratulations, you must feel really good.

Well I am not too sure it is a bit weird. I have been through many coaches since high school. I started running track in 1995 but for some reason could never break 11 seconds in the 100m legally ,22 seconds in the 200m and 50 seconds in the 400m. I switched coaches again about a year ago. The training is a bit more intense as far as workouts go.

Sweet - keep going.

Agree with RB34, good work, and keep it going, one of the athletes I coach hit pb’s at 100/200/400 at the age of 32. Then she became pregnant, but I don’t think your going to have the last part happen to you (lol)

Ran again this weekend I think I could have done better in the 100m but ran 10.78. 200 meter I ran a new personal best 21.48! Still trying to learn the best way to run the race I have been taking the curve easy so hopefully I can get down a bit more. Overall I am pretty happy never thought I would ever break 22 seconds haha feels good.

Great work!!! How’s your training?

Good stuff, consistant, hopefully it will continue, you are being rewarded for your perseverance, sometimes it just takes a while. You can be doing the right training but the results don’t always happen straight off, patience is the key.

This is inspiring to see!

I was just reviewing this thread and was going to contact you to see how things turned out. Better late than never I sometimes think but then I noticed you came back… Great job and thanks also to RB34 who was very helpful back in 2009 and Track007 also and a few others that I am sure inspired you to hang in.
It is very cool that you were able to add to this thread again and tell everyone what is going on with your progress.

Did you get my email?

Training is going well the only issue is we do alot of hard sprinting maybe 3/4 times a week and I really cannot sprint that much in a week I feel beat up. So I back off a bit on the workouts and maybe go 90/95% and it has seemed to help. Still trying to find the best technique to run my 200 meter. So far I go out hard for 50 meters relax for 40 meters then pick it up as I come off of the curve. Still not sure if this is the best technique for I always come back from behind and still have alot of energy left after the race but it has been working so far.

There’s good advice from CF on the site about how to run the 200, try a search. I advocate coming out of the blocks fast but not quite as agressive as in the 100m in order to prolong the acceleration a bit. Its a case of maintenance after that, no sudden surges off the bend (injury risk) focus on arm action up the straight.

Re the training, you can still advance speed by running sub max, and it will keep you fresh.

I think Charlie advice to me what use a 30m intensity limit - come out for 30m then ride it out. This works great for early season 200m races.


Very few people can successfully make 3 full and proper speed sessions work per week. One speed session is not enough. The fact that you already understand that your body is not able to handle 3 to 4 is a good thing. Means your output is enough to have a tough time repeating. Remember to find alternative ways to achieve similar goals.
Going out hard? When I hear that language it makes me think you might be doing something opposite to what you need to do. The essence of speed and sprinting is not ever hard. All you are trying to do is execute what you are doing in practice ( which sounds like it’s going well btw). And picking it up… RB made the point that smooth is very important , staying relaxed and if you perceive gear changing there is too much thinking going on. I am really not so sure you are " doing" anything wrong. Sometimes things just take time and all the pieces come together. I am not so sure this advice I am giving you is overly helpful but when I hear someone " trying " to do a bunch of things instead of just going out and repeating their training I think it’s reasonable to mention it.