SI on Richards & Felix


USA, they will be on tonite at 8pm eastern time.


Oh ya I just checked on my tv now. thanks. And on again tomorrow at like 7, which wil be the most interesting because Tyson Gay and the 100 finals obviously.

USA network

think there was illegal wind on all the women’s 100

Not all- and so what? These were qfs! Tremendous depth.

the way you still have your finger on the pulse never ceases to amaze me :wink:

Event 4 Men 200 Meter Dash

Heat 1 Prelims
2 Smith, Winston 25 MVP 21.25
3 Bolt, Usain 21 Racers Track Clu 19.83
4 Waugh, Ainsley 26 MVP 21.00
5 Burnett, Junior 26 Unattached 21.53
6 Burton, Alexander 26 MVP 21.55
7 Brown, Omar 26 Unattached 20.98
8 Sinclair, Grovant 21 Unattached 21.28

Can’t find the time schedule for the Jam trials. What time is it getting started for Sat??

100’s are just after 6pm local time

So why are those 200 prelims results on the site?

those are the seed times not results.

What’s happening at the Jamaican Trials? The results link isn’t working.

seems to be :confused:

still haven’t got the men’s semis up- slow times there- assume headwinds- looks like Asafa was wise to get in a run when he had the conditions yesterday. We’ll see when the finals come up

10.30 for Asafa and 10.34 for Bolt

He jog that 10.3…