short stride length, flexibility problem?

static flexibility is good, dynamic flexibility is pretty good too. Example I can kick my leg over my head (keeping it straight)

dont know my exact stride length, will try to get a video up to perhaps get a visual look at it?

What about in the other direction? Poor hip flexibility won’t prevent you from doing high kicks.

My point Rainy. Thank you

I could do the front splits, but coming from a hammer back ground my body had been built to do that, from a flexibility point of view was more flexible then most sprinters yet my sprinting stride sucked.

My point is to keep working on the sprint stride and should improve, oh that and trust the coach.

Place tape markers at every meter (preferably in the middle of the lane where you place your feet) and film from the side. You should then be able to estimate your stride length very well. Also, be sure to achieve full speed!

“fine” doesn’t mean much.

Does a midget have a shorter stride length than a giant?


Actually, I believe Anders is correct that it’s vertical force that has the greatest impact of stride length (discounting limb length).

its a combination of both, if it was all vertical high jumpers would make the best sprinters.

Is a jackrabbit faster than a horse, they both have the same stride length.

Of course horizontal velocity is a factor. That’s given. But vertical diplacement is a much more adjustable factor and the factor that separates the shuffler from the long strider.

3RM 2.5 BW squat isnt enough?

Post video of your lifts and your sprints. Without that information, we have no context of your lifts or your sprints with which to give advice.

If you don’t want to listen to the advice given in the threads, don’t make them. You argue every time somebody tries to help you. Take it or leave it.

I dont have any new lifting videos, all are from last year:

couple sprint videos in there too

I am looking for advice, and im responding to it as well.

Too much lower back on those deadlifts.

You took you’re hips out from the begining. At first you were set up in a good position and then lifted you’re butt up before the lift. Keep the butt down and do the lift.

All the videos are old and the sprint videos have about half a second of film worth analyzing.

You’re young. Just keep training and stop worrying about the minutia and asking stupid questions–it will only hinder your progress. Get out of the mindset now that strength in the weightroom equals or even approximates strength on the track and that strength in the weightroom is going to translate to improvements on the track without significant work. Looking at your sprint videos alone it looks like you are stuck in this syndrome already because your upper body is incredibly rigid and it is hard to say, but your hips actually do look fairly tight in that video. ROM on mobility drills or stretches =/= muscle tone and tissue quality. This is why there are plenty of girls that can do all of the splits in the world and still look like their pelvis is in rigor mortis when they sprint.

yah i know what you guys are saying, couple guys told me that when i originally showed the videos on another forum and i’ve mostly fixed the technical issue in my deadlifts now.

Can you clarify further into this?
what do you mean my upper body’s rigid? and if mobility stuff/stretching aint gonna be good for me, whats your reccomendation?

Your upper body is rigid. There is crap movement around the shoulders, they are up rather than down, and your upper back is not moving smoothly. Mobility work and stretching can work–I never said it wasn’t good. I said simply looking at a number (as in, peak ROM you can reach in a given stretch) isn’t a good idea nor is it a good indicator of tissue quality, which is more important and probably more related to your hip tightness. Further, people can and often do cheat on stretches, which you are likely doing as well, which is going to create a false negative.

kk, so your basic reccomendation is more mobility work?
and upper body movement? same thing?

Stand beside a squat rack, just touch it with quad, hip and shin, you knoiw a straight posture. Now bend knee and hold foot with hand, push knee back, do you know this pain, if not you are cheating with the stretches too.

HAve a good chiro or phys therapist check to see if you have tight psoas.