Shalonda Solomon

we normally spend a great deal of time talking about the Jeters (trust me I don’t mind), Bolts, Powells, and Gays of track and field. I would ask to spend a bit of time on another athlete who was dynamic in college but just can’t seem to break the glass ceiling of the upper elite. Shalonda.

I like to watch athletes enter the pro arena and progressively make improvements in technique and mature overall in the sport. Shalonda has been gettin whooped up on by allyson felix since HS and her form hasn’t changed much over the years. When you watch her hips rotate from front view they seem to overcompensate somehow. It seems to cause her torso to shift a bit resulting in lost forward movement.

I know a bit of hip rotation toward center line is considered as productive but it seems a bit much. First of all, is this a problem? Secondly, if so how would you fix it?

Interesting example or case. Tough to truly specify since I would think knowing Brauman’s work plans and training protocols might give some indication of things occurring or not.

I always felt that the 400 would’ve been the evolving progression for her. Having said that I’m surprised that the initial acceleration properties of a season or two past weren’t as evident this season. A subjective view of course.

“initial acceleration properties”? Are speaking technically? Please elaborate. I would have also thought the 200-400. She is quicker than Dee Dee Trotter over 60m and she only really gets blown away over the last 50m in the 200 by the upper echelon athletes (felix, Jeter)

I thought she had been better the last few years with block clearance and early acceleration. Didn’t seem to be as evident this season.