Seoul to Soul

Read Ben’s book Seoul to Soul. Great advertisement for some guy who claims to speak on behalf of God. Not at all what I had expected. Disappointed. Reads like a guy trying to apologise for something he need not apologise for IMO. And in advance promotion of the book, much is made of Ben exposing the truth. But with all the confessions he received from Andre Jackson, he opts not to run with any quotes from the guy that are relevant to the sabotage or to the connection with the Carl Lewis camp. Indeed, Ben opts to ignore even an Aussie newspaper confession by Joe Douglas that he “planted” Andre in the dope test waiting room in Seoul - thereby establishing an irrefutable link and motivation which, linked with Andre’s confession, spells sabotage and names the source to any inquiring mind. This book could have been a blockbuster, could have been a fascinating journey into the heart of the dark matter. Instead, it is purile nonsense for the most part. Half the book presumes to actually quote god speaking to BJ! Get a grip Ben. The book has no literary merit, offers almost no insights into what it was like to be the most celebrated sportsman in the world. Whoever these godbotherers are who convinced Ben to junk his story, they have blown it for Ben. Fine, if BJ wants to be “born again” or declare his forgiveness and apologise for his past indiscretions, let him save it for church where he will surely find an equally willing collection of feeble minds who would suck up this sort of nonsense. But don’t try to sell it in the guise of a high powered expose. It isn’t anything like that. It is lame and lamentable.

Disappointed to hear this. I’ve been looking forward to the book for years.

About what I expected from the articles I read. Sadly it appears Ben is linked with some religious cult guru

[i]Pressed for at least a teaser of the revelations to come, Johnson turns his intense gaze on his confidant. Farnum, as he will do frequently throughout the interview, closes his eyes and tilts his chin up to the heavens. The eyelids flutter. He grunts, and stretches out a bear-like paw to scratch his salt and pepper mane. “Jonathon is not going to hurt you,” he says finally. The guru has travelled through space and time to look at my aura and has determined I am trustworthy. Better yet, God has weighed in on the mystery man. “The Father says we can mention his name.”

Bryan Farnum used to tell people what to do with their money. Now, the 51-year-old tells them what to do with their lives. The transformation began in 1998, when Michael, the youngest of his and his wife Cathy’s five children, was diagnosed with brain cancer. Even after surgery and chemotherapy, the then five-year-old was given just a 20 per cent chance of survival. The Farnums decided to try to improve the odds by seeking alternative assistance, booking a meeting in Toronto with Almine Barton, an American “intuitive healer.” Barton, a bosomy blond who is also a British countess via her marriage to the ninth earl of Shannon, not only offered advice on treating the cancer, she informed Bryan that he himself possessed the gift of healing.

So, that fall, Farnum shut his financial consulting business and travelled to Oregon to study with the mystic. (Barton’s website notes that she has since become an immortal, receiving eternal life in February 2005.) Meditating in a cave, he experienced his own epiphany, a light that went into his head and left him with the power to communicate directly with God. He returned home and began treating his son through herbs, diet and prayer. Today, he reports Michael is a healthy 16-year-old who plays select baseball in the summer.[/i]

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The best book regarding the events has already been written. Look no further than this site…

Very disappointing indeed. That MacLean’s interview is alarming. Unfortunately this book wont help Ben’s case at all.

I will tell my girls that their pain comes from the fact that they were an aborted fetus in a past life…(see above link). WTF :mad:

Thank’s John, the mud is clearer now it was all God’s fault.

Large portions were trashed and replaced with insights Farnum had discerned directly from God.

JD, now you mention it - that’s exactly how it reads. They took the explosive and interesting stuff out and replaced it with slops. The book may deeply satisfy the nitwits who paid for it - the cultists - but they won’t be getting their money back any time soon. And I am certain they will say they don’t care. God they’ve made a mess of this book.:o

thanks for saving me cash. Why in Gods name(no pun intended), did he not flesh out the whole Lewis angle? I read the interview and there is some pretty compelling evidence something was rotten in Denmark when a guy with no credentials is in the drug testing tent. I talked at length with Charlie about it and it was some pretty interesting stuff. Too bad but I will not read any book that is packed with religious dogma. I have a bible if I want to hone my theology.