Run Fast Are Die Trying

3 Week Mod GPP

Week 1:
Mon: 240
Warmup C
4x20 face down
4x20 push up
4x20 falling
Blf+hop blf x5 (12lb shot)
Power clean 3x225-225-235-245
Bench press 5x155-165-180-190-205
Squat 3x5 315-335-405
Bear Jump squats 2x8

  • Lewis =
    skips d/h 2x8
    alt bounds 2x8
    primetimes 2x8

Squats - several warmup sets and one heavy set. After not being able to do any pressing for three months, I am finally able to intro pressing back into my program. Overall I have a long way to go!!! Once I get into decent shape, I will use our TC timing system and dartfish every three weeks in my training.

Inspired by divine possibilities, I am ready to progress in positive ways. Jesus looked at them and said, “For mortals it is impossible, but for God all things are possible.”–Matthew 19:26

I love that “money set” training! I have gone up in weights fast using that style.

What do you think about it? I like to use the 4 sets of: Easy-Moderate-Tough-HARD

And i’ve broken my PR every workout so far for 7+ weeks now in bench squat and dead lift

I like it because it allows you to hit heavy weights without torching your CNS.

only person on the planet with 30000000 different training logs

Tue: 1000
Warmup W
Weight circuits A/C 2x10

Series A:
db curls
kb1 rdl
db front raises

Series C:
side squat
lat pd under
upright row
v situps
side bend


This is the runner:

didnt feel like i got too much out of that machine…just my 2 cents though

I love it and all of my football players love it also. What kind of setsXreps did you use?

LL400 is it working for you?

Cowboy Troy, why do you have hillbilly music in one if your posts? Is the area rubbing off on you?

Did the PM go through. Cmon, you dig Jason Alden?

Got it. Sometimes they do sometimes not. Man I’m a black man trapped in a slow white mans body. Never heard that fella lol.

I like twhites training. You could look into it, low volume less time consuming.

Don’t understand, the message you sent didn’t say anything - so I wasn’t sure what you were asking. I gotta experiment with some stuff, since offseason is near. How fast is twhite running these days or is he playing for a team?

I can’t remember what I was typing. I think he’s pretty fast I’ll ask him.

Did he ever get those tryouts, last I heard he was trying for the UFL?

I’m not sure.

Well, I hope he made it because he works harder then most of the guys at the next level who has all the talent in world.

Thur: 240
Warmup C
Ohb+hop ohb x5 16lb shot
4x20 (fd/push/falling)
Power snatch 5x2x70-70-70-74-74kg
Stepups 3x5x155
Bench press 5x5x190
Jump squats angle 2x8x135

Had today off from work so I slept in and got my teeth clean. I did the sprints on the indoor track with trainers since the weather was low-mid 40’s.

Good to see you training again, ran 3.86 (think I could do 3.80) touchpad 30m a few days ago the day after 15 accels.

Worked out for the Packers a few weeks ago in Green Bay, looking to get placed somewhere this month.

How are your guys doing? Brown seems like a freak.

Brown is a freak, he would be a super freak if he worked hard. Dude is 235 running 6.72, we have to decide will these guys run track this offseason.