RB34 Comeback Program Part 2

Extra wide stance and you seemed to be bending over.

I have always used a wide stance, I feel it works the post chain a lot better then close to mid stance. What do you think was causing me to bend over? Do you have a problem with the wide stance??

Naw No problem just dont see it done often. I have never tried it myself. I go with the mid stance shoulder width stance. I guess I do this because I never run with my legs that wide but it may make no difference. The bending of the back may be caused by you trying to go deeper than you need. That can be a quick way to injury when you go super heavy.

From someone who has had a back operation it looks fine to me.

Why the hammie work, all it does is bend the knee.

Thanks. What do you mean by hammie work and all it does is bend the knee?

I don’t buy that, it’s like all these people who say single work is best because running is a single leg activity.

muscles can only contract, in the case of the hammy it either bends the knee or stabilises the quad. If you are straining it while working the quads I suggest it is stabilising too hard. The quad straightens the knee. Just get into a position where the load on the quad is greater and the hamstring less.

Most of the hamstring muscles also cross the hip…

and act as hip flexors.

No, they act as hip extensors. The exact opposite…

In fact, they’re the secondary drive muscles in sprinting (behind the glutes). So I guess you could say they do a little bit more than flex the knee.

You get a tick for the answer, back to the question how do they affect the hamstring.

Get the knees back when doing the squats.

Thank you. And I wouldn’t push the knees back while squatting. Squats are primarily for the glutes, quads, and back. Sprinting and accessory work takes care of hamstring development.

Talking to a young weight lifter last week and he is getting over a back strain, his knees were too far forward. If you go to SOPAC call and see me and I will introduce you, he works there.

To get the ham work needed i think that deads stiff and roman take care of it. Squats are a mainstay but the deads help to keep one from becoming quad dominant. imo

Get the CF.com forum review “The Classics” -there are many pages in there on this!

I agree, but you must be careful with the extra hamstring work starting in SPP and through the comp season. If you look at CF work he had very little if any direct hamstring work in SPP-outdoor comp.

I think the reason why I am so sore this year is I dropped all direct hamstring work after I injured my hamstring in Feb, this upcoming year I may keep a little direct hamstring work in my program something as simple as hyper complex 2x8.

Tue: 1200
Warmup A
Ringo x5
4x300 57/5m (50-62)
400 walk/jog bare foot
wille x8
bp 3x10
db rows 3x10
weight circuit A 2x10
russ series 2x10x80lb

The first 300 was easy and the last three was punishment, I fear the 400’s we have next Tuesday :). The weights were better this week and I didn’t take it easy like I did last Tuesday.

Overall I am very pleased with how things are going with training and I wasn’t sore at all from Monday’s squat workout but still had a little tightness from the rdl’s.

My training mate has gained 4lbs so far and his goal is to put on a total of 10lbs in this 7 week gpp, his reps will stay in the 8-12 range for gpp.

why does he want to add weight?

Because he is a baseball player and only weigh 174lb.

BTW, his pc is 165, squat 265, and bp 205. His upper body weights are slightly different from my setup.