RB34 Comeback Program Part 2

July 29:
Thur: I torched for several days…
bp work up to 275

The plan is to start unstructured training this weekend.

how long you taking off

14-18 days jack shit
14 days easy training - 3x10 - traditional cardio etc.

I took a week off then I played flag foot ball on a saturday, ten I took 3 more days off. I started doing some light tempo and it upperbody. Ima stay away from legs for another week.

6 hamstring injuries! Yikes…

Yea, that’s what I do to stay fresh, as soon as I feel depressed or tired I back off for a week and just do tempo and med-ball work.

Week 1:

2 sets at 10 reps
Deadlifts (2x8)
Lat pull downs
Mil press
Seated rows
Abs (50)

Camp is a grind right now but it’s time to start some pre-gpp work. 2 times through at 10 reps, I was catching serious cramps because I did the session right after practice. I must be taking in 300grms of protein from all the protein shakes, bars and great training table food.

bike 2x8x45/15
bike 10mins
core 200x

2 sets at 10 reps
Deadlifts (3x8)
Lat pull downs
Mil press
Seated rows
Abs (50)
core 200x

stepper 30mins
power runner 3x10
core 200x

Tough week but I got it done… 13 days till our first game, it should be off the chains…

GPP 1: 6 Weeks Aug 30-Oct 8
Power and Acceleration Emphasis

Week 1: August 30
Sunday: 180
Warmup C
3x20sled,3x20mb,3x20-facedown 90/3min
4xohb,blf,hop ohb
core 200x

Box jump x6 x6 x6
Power clean rest 90-120sec 6x3x205
Bench press Pause 4x5
Rdl+db row 3x8
Rev lunge 3x8x60
core 200x
hurdle mobility

Did some extra aux work - curls and rear delts…

Warmup Z
Bike 2x6x45/15
Weight Circuit A/C 2x10
Mb throws 2x100
core 200x

Wednesday: 220
Warmup C
3x20 pushup,2x3x20sled, 2x20 pushup 90/3min
4xblf,ohb,hop blf
Texas Jump Circuit 1x10
core 200x

Too busy for outdoor tempo session yesterday, weights on thur and early morning tempo session on fri before catching a flight for our Sat game.

Power clean 3x2x205 3x2x225
Squats Pause 4x5
Db incline press Pause 3x8
Rdl+Lat pd 3x8+3x8
Plank series 2x

Will try and perform tempo after prac today, don’t want to be dealing with that shit on Friday while trying to travel etc.

Thur: PM
Warmup Z
Tread runs 2x6x30/30
hurdle mobility
core 200x
bb work

Fri/Sat: Rest

Sun: Speed

Ok - Disagree with you here.
Awesome set of video’s you posted up, they help heaps with diagnosis of what you need to concentrate on.

1 - Learn what is causing your Hammie injuries - looking at the video’s, i’m leaning towards tight Hip flexors and Thighs - either or both of Lack of ROM and Knotts.

2 - Back mechanics - in certain frames when pausing, not only is your back rounded, your entire body position looks like your sitting in a chair… This is not a lack of strength, but tightness and not know how to Hold your Core Body Posture when under load.

3 - Hip Height - You have Zero. Your entire Torso holds still and the arms/legs are rotating around the Torso. Your power has to start from your Torso and radiate outwards - currently your power is all coming from your Limbs. Extra gym strength wont fix this with Barbells etc.

4 - Your arm mechanics - your elbows are pocking out to the side like chicken wings, ready to attack the guys ears in the lane beside you… :slight_smile:

Before any extra Squatting strength, speed endurance or general fitness will help you, you need your mechanics fixed. I’m sure you’re aware the Forums make it nearly impossible unless your constantly video taping etc.

You either need to find a specialist coach, even for a week or two.
Or, get that camera, camcorder out, and in GPP, don’t progress from one exercise to the next until it looks good on film. A 12 week GPP with a 6wk SPP will do better than 6wk GPP done wrong followed by 12wk Spp.

You have a full yr to get ready, forget about a triple periodization this yr, go for a Double.

Hope it helps

Thanks for your help, I work 12-15hrs a day and don’t care much about my performance anymore. My main focus is making sure my athletes are ready for combat and preparing for my upcoming combine training - we are trying to get most of our big name guys to stay around campus…

Let’s get back to your post. Number 1 is solved, I know what the issues were and they were all my fault. I didn’t have much control with a lot of things last season which lead to many of the injuries. Number 2 I am not changing, it’s how I run and when I have made changes they didn’t work. Number 3 is from all the hammy injuries, if you look closely in the vids towards the end I was still limping etc. You try running fast with 6 hamstring injuries and groin issues and your mech will suck. I do agree with the arm mech.

I got to spend some time recently with a relatively prominent coach known for his field events prowess and he corrected me on a lot of acceleration mechanics and I immediately could tell the difference in feel and power applied. Don’t know if it immediately corresponded to faster times BUT the same mechanics focus did correspond to further jumps when we went over to the jump pit. Nothing esoteric or weird just common sense, simple cues and ideas focusing on one thing at a time. I also noticed a lot of the dings and tightness I normally feel in every workout were almost nonexistent when I was executing at what he felt was close to ideal mechanics.

Good luck Sat.

Gonna be a tough one…

Very, tough situation. The opponent lacks confidence though for sure.

Opponent lacks confidence- how u know?

They want the coach gone. His first season ever there ending with a loss. QB instability, impotent offense, bonehead in game moves. You know all that pressure spills over into the team. It is constant 24-7 everywhere on radio, newspaper, etc. down there. Constant.