Question on Structuring Training for Soccer

Thanks a lot. I understand it clearly now. Why do you suggest I start off with these in and out drills with 20m incriments… is it to practice the technique? I understand how later progressing to 10m like you showed would be good.

Since your first PM to me end of January, I see you ask more or less the same questions. Pick something and apply it, for real! Start being consistent with what you decide to follow, start a journal or something… I don’t play it clever and don’t want to disappoint you or anything, but I don’t think you are making much progress the way you are approaching things. You seem all over the place. Draw a line and start from there.

Amen. Don’t overthink this. It’s like people who argue obsessively about which stretching method is the best one but don’t actually do any stretching. If you wait until you’ve figured out the “perfect” program you’ll never get started because no such program exists. Charlie used the phrase paralysis by analysis.

I suggested going from 20m segments down to 10m because within the context of soccer that would be going from general to specific. But it was just an idea. Let your soccer training be your specific training. In this context, speed training will be general to soccer just like weight training. You’re not a sprinter.

Well I did apply some things but I had no way of measuring progress. I don’t have someone to time me so i don’t now if I’m running faster or not. I might be doing the same workouts and not be making any progress or much progress at all and I wouldn’t really know. That’s why I was asking others who had more experience training what method would work best in my scenario. I am open to new ideas and thoughts so I just wanted to know if what I was doing was right. I know there is no best plan but I thought you could get pretty darn close to doing what is best for your case right? But I guess even that is not possible. What if I tried something and stuck to it, but there was something that was better out there and I didn’t try it? I just don’t want to miss out anymore. I’ve wasted too much time doing stuff that didn’t really help me in the past. That’s why I wanted to make sure what I was going to do now would help me the most.

Maximizing speed development per se is not your main goal, improving your game is. So you don’t need to worry as much about timing your speed work. Pay attention to your performance on the field. Are you moving better? Are you getting to the ball quicker, more easily, etc.? Do you find that your stamina during games has improved because your speed reserve makes lower, normal game speeds easier?

Okay point taken. So no need worry about GPP SPP or competition period for me? Just do the sprint workouts alternating between acceleration/fly/in and outs throughout the year and deload a week before trials?