Predicting One-rep Max

415 for 7 reps - I’m guessing 470-480??

Go try it and let us know what happens. Please take video of the disaster.

Done that 530… Let’s see you do it??

Depends on fiber constitution and where the athlete is in terms of trainedness and the training cycle.

If it’s you, given your speed/power training and history I’d suspect you’re good for at least 470-480 given the optimal intensification; probably closer to 500.

If you haven’t been lifting above 90% very often, probably 485-495. If you’ve been doing some near 2RM or 3RM, or some near 1RM singles, then I would say 495-505.

Everything has been submax 3-5reps no higher then 85%. I agree - 485-495 sounds about right, goal is 550+ by December.

Might need to slowly start including some near max 2’s and submax 1’s. If you don’t like doing heavy 2’s or 1’s, you might try some near max board presses. You can probably triple your 1RM on a 3board press, and it gets you used to the heavier load without beating you up.

The first time I benched over 400, I had just seconds before completed a 3-board press with 475. The confidence it gave me to know that if I could just blast it up the first 4 inches, I had 75lbs. of reserve strength to finish the rep. Went up like a balloon.

D*M dude you’re @ 415 for 7??

Goal is 550-600 by December.

Are these numbers for your raw bench? What do you weigh?