Powersprint and Jan Melen

A mate of mine is looking at bringing Jan to present in Hobart, as well as buying the powersprint system.

I plan on reviewing it, but really don’t know much about it.

Has anyone used it or had something to do with the system.

Also does anyone know Hakan Andersson?

I think the machine is interesting. I would like to get one myself but don’t want to go through the hassle of building it. Let me know what comes of this.

I think the member Linus mentioned being based in Sweden, and he has mentioned Hakan Andersson before. Maybe a PM to him would be able to gain some more info.

Thanks T-Slow.

Thanks mortac8

My mate is keen. Me being conservative, trying to find more about it all.

Hakan Andersson used to post years ago on CF. I remember a couple of interesting discussions with him about muscle fiber types training. Searching back in the archives if still available may help.

What was his username?

Yes, Hakan is in Sweden. I have his contact info if you send me an email.


Hakan is a top man, you’ll really enjoy spending time with him. He is knowledgeable and well read.