Powell 9.91 in UK



Did anyone watch this live? I didn’t have a chance to today, but I heard that the hometown boy got away with a blatant false start that was called a technical FS.

Devonish clearly moved in his blocks which set off Bledman in the next lane, but wasn’t disqualified

BTW Devonish was the only Brit to qualify for the final with a 10.19 SB in the first round. The state of British 100m sprinting today does not look good, the only exception Chambers who is doing fairly well at the end of a very long (WC bronze twelve years ago) and tumultuous career.

Will chambers be allowed to run in the wc

Yes I thought so. Just like he ran at the europeans last year.
As I understand it his beef is with the British Olympic Committee who refuse to ever send (one-time) doping offenders. This is a more stringent norm than that of the IOC who only rule out participation at the next olympiad following a drug ban. The IOC norm is currently being challenged before the Court of Arbitration for Sports. See http://wilson2012blog.dailymail.co.uk/2011/05/chambers-waiting-on-olympic-reprieve.html
This may offer some hope for Chambers.