Pool Tempo

I was thinking about doing some tempo sessions in the pool over the summer. I remember reading on the forums that pool tempo can be good because it is more upper body dominant (I want to do pool tempo possibly the day before intensive tempo so i’d need my legs the next day).

Has anyone experimented with integrating the pool into their program and can anyone give me an idea of an example workout? Thanks

do you mean swimming or running? If you mean running then it isn’t upper body dominant at all.

It is covered in one of CF’s DVD’s and from memory double the duration time and 1/2 the recovery from a grass session so say 100m = 15sec on grass do 30 seconds in water and rest 15 seconds rather than 30 sec.

Found in Jane project video

for swimming or running? and i remember seeing both discussed as pool tempo, id probably prefer swimming just because it would be less stress on my legs and itd be a little more fun :slight_smile:

The info in The Jane Project is running.