I wish you and your family nothing but the best throughout this. I realize that this can be a stressful time - I hope it works out for you and Buddy!

Thanks. I appreciate it

You should be able to find a job pretty easy.?

Huge fan of your work James. I agree w/RB 34. You should have no problem finding work.

was it truly a resignation or was he fired?

The article I read stated that he “stepped down” and will remain in the athletic department. Best of luck to you and Buddy, James, I’m a huge fan of your work!

Any chance that him staying the athletic department helps keep you guys on staff or are you looking for a job like others have implied? Either way, I know the athletes the two of you have worked with have and will continue to benefit from your guidance–keep us posted! Once again, best of luck!

Buddy and I were officially relieved of our duties this week. We are no longer PITT Panthers.

What? Damn. Sorry to hear that. You are a great coach. It’s their loss. I was just looking at your website and admiring your work.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

You’ll find something good very soon…I follow you since your first articles on EFS, and on the forum…and since then, you’ve become a lot different:You 've grown in a very good coach, if i can give you my modest opinion.

If they only knew how valuable you and Buddy are to that Team. Good luck with your future plans and please keep us posted!

Sorry to hear that James. I wish both you and Buddy (who are the best) the best…

That is terrible, I cannot count the ways that James has influenced my learning as an american football coach via physical preparation and understanding the exact breakdown per position in a multitude of facets. Most coaches in football do not fully understand the physical preparation aspect, nor care to for that matter.


Sorry to hear things went the way they did. I hope everything works out. I just wanted to know if you could send me your contact information when you get a chance (no hurry on this). I am working with football and would like to check in with you from time to time to talk training. Email is gnaspins1234@yahoo.com.

So sorry to hear that James, just as much for you and Buddy as I am for your athletes. Best of luck to the two of you!

Any chance of following Wannstedt to Buffalo (assuming you even want to live in Buffalo)?

New strength coach for Pitt: Shawn Griswold. Here is a video of him at Tulsa


Jon Baldwin jumped 42 inches in the vert and 10’9" broad jump. Anyone know he did his 40 in? Maybe James can provide us with an update…?

I believe it was 4.59

I see…do you know if James trained him?