Piriformis syndrome?

About 2 weeks ago I raced 100m and really felt tightness in my right hammy/glute during the race. I think I did some hammy curls a few days before the race along with upping my training intensity probably a bit too quickly. I ran some 50m sprints earlier today and just feel that glute is super tight. In fact my sprinting form probably gets compromised. Is this piriformis syndrome. Sometimes when I drive I feel some tingling in right glute. I’m hoping to start up at least in 2 weeks from now for fall training.

Nah, probably just tightness and a bit of over training.

Check your itb, tfl and gluteus medius and minimus…

Thanks Hornblowr. 100m training is new to me. Any good stretching you would recommend? I’ll lay off intense stuff for now and will stick to dichotomy training and plyos.

Go get a solid massage

Plyos are pretty intense.

You might be better off to start with walking, then jogging, followed by some light running. Progress gradually and don’t do anything that hurts.

And get a massage…

Thanks guys! Will get a massage. :slight_smile: I ran this morning (light jog) and there were no issues. My motto is that as long as it does not hurt, you can do that. Shall I lay off Plyos even if it the glute does not hurt or feel very tight? It’s only when I’m sprinting fast when I feel the tightness in my right glute. Sorry guys…just need work-outs now to blow off steam. :slight_smile: