Paula Radcliffe

hahaha that clarification by Charlie VERY important :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes- but no23 is prob po’d with me and went back to work!

Just kidding with you man …

Say! Don’t you have some work to do?

Please Sir can I stay?

Come on Charlie … I’m at home now … work’s over … It’s 8pm over here in Ireland now.

Anyway you know I couldn’t let this forum go on from day to day without some input from your resident Super-fast (occasional) Guiness-drinking Irish contributor …

They let you guys off at 8?

Well yeh - (we started at 5 am)… but we’re not allowed out of the hospital grounds without supervison

People who write into to boards are not really the public at large. Just spend a few minutes listening to the cretans who call into radio shows sometime. Too busy offering their opinions to bother with more mundane pursuits- like employment for example!

LOL this is true…

The story so far …

Trained twice yesterday, Registered, but not yet certain to run …,,10513-1233550,00.html

She’s going for it!!!

I knew it - this girl got guts.

(She’s brave … she must be part Irish - well her husband is at least … :slight_smile: )

Hope she does well - it wn’t be easy, but I really think she can get a medal here with plenty of luck and a good mindset.,,30000-1149143,00.html

Glad to hear. (Outside) Chance of British Gold in Women’s 800m, 1500m, 10k!

I’m backing the girl to get a medal … I like her heart …

I respect people like her, she works very hard, she’s lots many time prevously, but still comes back for more …

It’s all over now.

The Girl has other issues happening just now.

Nothing to do with track, injury, preparation or training.

It’s sad when outside influences affect someones performances on the track at the most important event of their lives …

Heard today that she has lost a porridge sponsorship due to their slogan saying something to the effect of ‘helping you go the distance’. Unfortunate state of affairs for her.