Online training/workout planner software?

What software are you using to write-up your training/workouts?

I use word doc or a spreadsheet.

Also use training peaks, but to keep track of training.


Thanks boldwarrior and DMA… I will research this, as I’m not really computer savy… I have Microsoft word 2007…also, are the spreadsheets something I can purchase online, or just download?

I have the “free” training peaks account for my daughter, but haven’t used it yet.
I opened it as I got her a Garmin 910xt GPS/Heart Rate watch for Christmas…but I didn’t really see alot of use for it until next summer when she starts training for XC?
This would just be worthwhile for distance running, right? As, she is training for the long sprints now for track.

Microsoft Excel is a licensed product. You can purchase the product on DVD or download. Google Drive is another option.

You might also look at TapForms. You mentioned you are not computer savvy, but you might find some pre-made forms that fit your need. And, it’s an easy way to enter data on a smart phone and maintain the data in the cloud. See


thanks for the tip…I just switched from a smart phone to a regular cell…

Perhaps just a regular paper diary then?

Yes, that is perhaps the best suggestion. No need to use software if you are not familiar with spreadsheets and don’t own a smart phone. Paper and pencil will do just fine. A coach who is using our timing system stopped by our booth at the USATF Annual Meeting last week mentioned the benefits of writing your marks on paper. He has all his athletes write their own marks. His reasoning is that the act of writing is a memory aid and reinforces their “ownership” of their marks. You will do just fine with a paper diary.


I hand write out my programmes and when I am happy transfer them to excel for better record keeping.

Geez if you are sophisticated enough to do all things online and with spread sheets that is cool.
Charlie was old school.
He did strongly encourage me to write stuff down as a tool for improvement and self reflection regarding my training.
I am so glad I listened and took the time to do this.
I have several of my training diaries and I love looking through them and back on them.
One thought I might recommend to anyone who trains and is interested in improving is to just start as simple as you can.
I used an office supply lined blank book ( black) and bought a few so my diaries would be uniform. Over time I decorated the outside with what ever I wanted as I was using these books often through my day. Of the several books I have each is different on the outside cover and the progression of my time spent training is interesting to look back on especially now.
As time went on I preferred grid paper as I am left handed and didn’t like having books with bulky spines which made writing difficult for me.
If you write workouts out you can glue them later into your journal as well or anything else you enjoy that makes the process interesting especially over time.
AS much as I love technology and as much as I admire people who are very digitally organized I will not ever give up paper and pens as I adore using both…

Ange, yes, everything I do is hand written, but I also wanted to document to a file on the computer for convenience… also, I’m not good at all at keeping track of “paper” or physical media… when I misplace it, I eventually find it, but it’s so much easier to be able to just click and print from the computer…

That is what I had planned to do…I already write the workouts out…and when finished, wanted to have a nice legible copy on the computer that is easily updated, easily shared online, easily printed out etc.

Check out Google Docs and Google Drive. Google Docs includes a spreadsheet application and Google Drive will maintain your workouts in the cloud so you can access, share, and print them from anywhere.


I use Evernote, it’s a great app. I have used Google calendar in the past to write out workout notes. You could do the paper and pencil thing, then take pictures of each page and upload it to Evernote, but that’s easier for smartphone users.

I guess we are making the distinction between what information we log regarding our training.
This website has been maintained as one of the largest digital files of any one coaches journal that I know of.
The technical information is known by many of you already.

If anyone is interested, I found this “free” Microsoft Word weekly planner to be exactly what I was looking for:|ai:TC101885854|

You can format the title, move or remove the dividing lines for each row and type in all your information.
Saving the file for future reference, and allows you to make changes or add information later.

Also, the US flag/letter/box in the upper left corner is easily removeable.