One Step Forward and 2 back.....

What was the deal with the lower leg?

Tore tendon.^^

Anyhow, last week, for the first time I was able to sprint again! It felt so good to feel my body move forward with power and feel the wind go by my ears.

I was doing 100m jog on grass and decided to push a little bit just to feel the acceleration and I was able to push off with my injured leg with no problems. I was also able to walk up a very steep hill on my toes to walk to my car and felt no pain.

I’m sure that I will be able to sprint again with the way my leg is healing… As of right now my injured leg looks normal, but my injured achilles tendon is still 2/3 times the size of my good tendon. It’s really thick! I just half to wait about another 2 months.

Also, just want to say that not sprinting has been effecting my mood. I have been dealing with slight depression off and on and my sex drive is raging from not being able to sprint. Sprinting really keeps me sane!!! Lifting weights, even 300lbs BP, does nothing for me…

Still at it!!! Lifts are going up in the gym across -the- board. I will post some new stats when I start to level off… Truth be told, I wish I trained at a Olympic facility with other athletes as I’m in a local gym and anything over 275 just boggles the mind of people for the size I am. It’s crazy, 315 is no big deal now but to everybody else they view you as the strongest man on earth or something. It gets tiring having to explain to people it’s no big deal, or they want to talk and talk about who benches who and they take away concentration. There IS one guy at my gym who IS a freak, he’s a huge black dude with a 800 bench during comp season, but plays around with 500 for fun. He’s my mentor now (though I keep close to what Charlie said about weights). Crazy thing is he knows guys even stronger then him… He told me he use to train with a guy who could squeeze a can of soda with one hand and burst it open!!!

Anyhow, I’m going 8x200 tempo runs and running A’s to maintain fitness with no problem. I feel like a champ! 30m sprints are out of the question though… I’m much stronger then BEFORE I got hurt and now with my leg still needing time to heal, I’m not taking any chances… Soooooo, I’m going to start running a modified LONG to SHORT program. 600’s, 500’s 400’s… That said, I’m going to miss the excitement of running 150’s. I’m just not ready yet…

More than one way to skin a cat. Go get them

Allllright! I’m back to sprinting. Today was my first day officially back to sprinting. I laced up my spikes and started out with the 1st week gpp workout. Man I feel great… It feels great to be back… All sprints were done at about 40% just to test out my leg but once I’m up and running it’s all business and my leg its fine. I’m “gun shy” right now from 0-20m because thats where I got hurt. I’m too afraid to hit it 90%+ because I’m stronger then before I got hurt. In fact, I’m the strongest I have ever been in my life and people that know me say my back and upper body has gotten bigger. I’m not overly muscled by any means…

Anyway I have no pain to push off my leg. I’m able to squat 405+ for reps, and do calf raises for reps… Surprisingly, my sprint form is not all that rusty for taking off for so long. I only feel a little weak in my hip flexor area… I had trouble with fatigue in keeping my knees up but that’s about it.

Uahhh I do have an uphill battle though… It will be months before I can rip a good 150m.

Anyhow, so all and all it took 10 months for this injury to heal. It’s still healing, I can feel it, and my injured tendon is still a bit thicker then my good leg but I have no pain and I’m able to push off it with explosive force. I think what saved me was that it was a partial tear. I mean even at it’s WORSE stage I was able to move my foot around in all directions.