nuff respect to asafa!

How much does he have left?


He need to cut that trash off his face…

He never fails to fail.

That’s harsh. I wish I could fail 87 times like he has…

Well he failed to a net worth of 6 million. I’d called that a pretty sorry existence…right

Yea that shit looks terrible.

Still love the guy, but wish he could have cashed in on a big win when he was on top of the world.

Yea I wanted him to win the most. Now people will continue to say he is a choker.

any chance that the coach was at fault somehow?

It’s a lingering groin injury. Many people could be at blame. But like mo and gay running super fast often takes a toll on the body.

Also asafa has called the season

Wow… just noticed Asafa stumbled in his 4th step at the finals, no wonder he pulled out.

And was still out front.